Shadow People

Shadow people are paranormal shadow-like creatures that people usually see in their peripheral vision.  Reports suggest that they do not appear to reflect light and that their appearance is essentially a silhouette in black.

They usually have no discernible features beyond the general outline of their form.  However, shadow people have been reported to have shifted into a more human form and in these instances it is said that sometimes features such as glowing eyes and sometimes mouths or nostrils are discernible.

Reports of shadow people, sometimes called shadow folk, shadow men, or shadow beings, have many similarities with ghost sightings, so many similarities that many paranormal experts consider ghost and shadow people one and the same.

However, other experts disagree and claim that shadow people are a separate phenomenon from ghosts for a variety of reasons.

First, they claim that the movement of shadow people is said to be quick and jerky, sometimes with stops, starts, and changes of direction, not at all like the smooth floating motion often associated with ghost sighting.  This is apparently the primary reason they are usually seen out of the corner of the eye.

 Artist's rendition of shadow people

Second, some people report being able to discern that the shadow people are wearing a fedora style hat like a 1930’s-era gangster or a cloak.

Third, shadow people usually appear quite solid, unlike the ephemeral appearance of ghosts.

Fourth, there are very few reports of positive interactions with shadow people.

Unlike the friendly ghost sightings that are fairly common, encounters with shadow folk are almost always frightening or shocking.   In fact, even the experts that view shadow men as a subset of ghosts, usually concede that shadow men are a malignant beings.

The supporters of shadow people as a separate and unique phenomenon offer all sorts of speculation about the nature of shadow people using ideas from religion, parapsychology, metaphysics, and the occult.

One of the many ideas is that shadow people represent a Thought-form, ghost or demon that was created by extraordinary pain, suffering, and trauma in a dying persons life.  Others suggest that shadow folk have been purposefully summoned from another realm through black magic or other occult practices.

The fact that they do not seem to reflect light has led some to theorize that they are from an alternate universe with different laws of physics or perhaps they are caught in a trap between two physical universes.  David Icke has proposed that shadow people are related to Grey aliens, or to the Reptilian humanoids.

The theories about the nature of shadow people are almost endless, but they are certainly quarry that should only be sought out by experienced, well equipped ghost hunting teams – never by solo hunters.

135 thoughts on “Shadow People

  1. years says:

    every single night from 10-12 years old and back as far as i can remember ,the shadowpeople would be there in what looked to me like ‘yellow fisherman’s raincoats’,there would be loads of them dancing out from the left head of my bedside all the way around and chanting something i couldn’t understand (sounded and looked like a kind of rain dance)as they left out the right head of the bedside every now and then turning to face me but there was no face just a kind of smoke with lights for eyes,it used to scare the hell out of me and i would start crying for help and someone would come (one time nobody came so i managed to run right through them and out of the room)the last time i saw them was when my mother burst into the room to see what was scaring me and she swears she saw them for a split second too,(probably cause she had been hearing about them for so long from me)they would always come just before i lay down to sleep and i would always know they were on their way to see me,it was the most horrible thing ever and i will never for get it.

  2. Ashley says:

    I had an experience about 7 months ago at the most, it was my first experience with seeing anything like this… I have never seen a ghost before so this was quite terrifying. I was laying in bed watching TV and decided to turn it off and go to bed… I shut my TV off and lay in bed and I turn my head to roll over and I seen my shadow man… he didn’t have any particular details like what he looked liked… he was just a silhouette, and he was going along my window he was going really slow and he was tall… my window is like 7′ long by 5′ wide… and he had long arms and his hands are what scared me the most… the were big hands and he had them like out in-front of him like he was going to touch me.. when I tried to look at him full on he disappeared… i was so scared that I got up and turned my TV back on and went to sleep… I told my mom the next day and she told me it could have been someone walking outside.. but the side walk is about 20 feet away from my bedroom window and cadi corner from it too… and our garage is right there too… the next day my mom went outside and noticed even if someone was walking next to my window… they are not tall enough to be the same height as my window…. its off the ground about 8 feet… so that is my story of my shadow man… I tried to get into contact with him again but since then I haven’t seen him… but I still always get the feeling someone isn’t very far and hes watching me…

  3. Erica says:

    Well, I\\\’m not sure if what I\\\’m seeing is shadow people, but it\\\’s the most similar. I usually see them in the hallway of my apartment, or my room. I saw two of them at the same time. Only one of them was wearing a hat, but the other wasn\\\’t hooded. One of them was chasing the other figure. I\\\’m not sure if it\\\’s a hallucination or not,

  4. Mara-chan says:

    Ever since we moved out into the country in Georgia, there is a man that watches me. He moves almost as if he wants me to follow and show me what he truly sees. Though his image is different than the other shadow people. You can distinctively see the side of his face and broad shoulders like a adult around the age of 21 to 35. Still he posses no threat to me as if to have a protective family member again. 🙂

  5. Chelsea says:

    My experience with a shadow man was different. I was 10 or 11, and it was during the summer. I was at a friend\’s house, and we were outside, playing with her dog in her large, open front yard. It was around noon, and both of her parents were at work. Something made both of us look up across her yard, and there was what appeared to be a shadow of a man, which was standing upright and independent of the environment, unlike normal shadows cast by people, yet completely flat. It wasn\’t completely solid black however, maybe because it was in broad daylight. We could see the outline of the fence that was a couple yards behind it through it, although not very clearly. It had no features, and no hands or feet, its arms and legs merely seemed to be pointed. Despite its lack of features, I could feel it glaring at us with an extreme hatred. Suddenly, it vanished.
    My friend decided to go to the back yard to see if it was still there. I stayed out in the front yard, with the dog. After a few minutes, I noticed all noise had stopped, and then I saw what looked like my friend, although I didn\’t see the face, walk up to their one tree a few feet in front of me. I called her name, and got no response. I was about to touch \’her\’ shoulder, when I got that awful feeling of malice again, and froze. \’She\’ walked off towards the road and vanished, and my real friend walked out of her house with a large bowl of popcorn. Apparently, the whole time I had been in the front yard by myself, while she was making popcorn. We then noticed her dog had vanished, and we later found him inside the house, cowering under her bed. She claimed the dog never followed her inside.

  6. ROSE Dove-Askin says:

    I have been visited by a shadow of a man.Faily tall, 6 foot or better. Slim built, always in black, black hat.He has haunted me for twenty five years or longer. The last time I saw him was two weeks ago, at the foot my bed looking down at me, he spoke to me for the first time ever. I thought it was my boyfriend, it wasn\’t! He said hello in a very deep voice. and I thought, it looked like he reached out to me. No one else ever sees him. I have lived with ghosts and odd occurrences all my life since I was 3, I have a lot of indian in me and my mother\’s family has had similiar occurences. I feel like i\’m going crazy because he bothers only me.

  7. Chris says:

    I have seen these beings since I was very young. At first, only out of the corner of my eye and peripheral vision, and then I started catching full on glimpses of them in very dim light or darkness.

    I have no mental condition, do not use drugs, and have served in the military and all. I’m not crazy. These things do exist, and some can see them.

    I used to sleep with a light on until I was 18 or so. Now, seeing them doesn’t bother me anymore because I realize that no harm can come to me. Many people describe a “feeling of dread” after seeing them. This is not the case for me. I’ve come to realize that I am able to see a plain or dimension that is not readily vsisible to most people’s naked eye.

    The appearance of them is human in nature, with some of them having long arms, and long, pointy fingers or toes. I have never seen a “caped” figure, as many others have. Most of them have a round, human shaped head that appears bald and smooth.

    I don’ty seleep most nights, instead choosing to nap during the day. I’m not sure if my experience with them has had anythign to do with it. I don’t fear them, although many said I’m foolish not to. I have even tried on several occasions to talk to them, and even gave chase on two occasions. They are too fast, and if you do reach out to try and touch them, they simply disintegrate into the dark

    I have seen psychiatrists about this, but I fit no profile for schizophrenia, paranoia, or any other known mental illness. I am a normal person , with a normal life and family and friends.

    I believe my brain just is able to let me see these things. These things are there and all around us, but the normal human brain cannot see them or detect them, or maybe it’s just that our brain tells us that seeing these things is impossible, so most don’t see them.

    I have never been touched, attacked, or menaced by them, but have woken up to hearing my voice called out on many occassions, and have also had lifelike dreams of passed away family members standing over my bed calling out my name.

    At any rate, beliving these things don’t exist is simply foolish in my opinion.

  8. PATRICIA says:

    I am 20 years old,when I first noticed shadow men I believe I was maybe 15 till 19. I wasn’t feeling the best I felt down and was very sad. I would always have the feeling that i was being watched, It was a feeling I had never felt before. One night as I was sitting on my bed I saw what appeared to be a “shadow man”, all i saw was what looked like the bottom of a cloak and black ankles and pointy feet. I was terrified! As I turned my head it quickly disappeared. I didn’t pay much attention to it one day after school I was walking on a crowded sidewalk and aw him again in plain daylight this time i saw its upper body it was a hooded figure it had no face but was pitch black. I couldn’t believe my eyes I literally thought I was going crazy!!!… I was afraid to be in my own room. A few years later i went about my day and went to sleep and he was in my dream this time It tried to kill me. I remember it was a cloudy day and he was chasing me and it would throw rocks at me and when they landed on the ground they would turn to sharp knives. There were two people protecting me, and fighting him a blonde woman, and a hispanic male that helped me get home safely and told me that I had something that he wanted, that was the reason why he followed me and tried to kill me. As for the research I have made and testimonies I have read I have come to the conclusion that they appear because they feed off our energy. You need to feel happy with yourself, and accept life and what it brings. Being mad and holding grudges, can create bad energy that will attract these shadow men that can literally make you go CRAZY!!!… I haven’t seen them in a few months and hope to keep it this way!

  9. Marena says:

    From my personal experience, these things are way to terribly real. I\’m only thirteen, but for the past year I\’ve seen these things. Deformed twisted things. I\’ve learned to never mention them, because people think I\’m going insane, but i know they are there. And with all my heart, I wish they weren\’t. One of the most common one I see is a man, who crawls on all fours, but he looks deformed and meddled with, like his arms where broken in too many places to count, and his back bulged and dipped and twisted. Kinda like a hunchback from Notre dame who fell off his bell tower. You cant see anything on him, like an animated silhouette. He usually comes at dawn, and I only see him by the shed outside my window. Sometimes crawling across the roof, sometimes just standing there. I still see him sometimes, and every time i feel like im drowning in fear.

  10. Stasi says:

    I am 24 years old now, and have been seeing ‘shadow people’ since I was about 5. The first time, I was living at my grandmother’s house, and saw shadows constantly moving in the furnance room.
    My playroom was set in a large open room (about 30×40) in the basement, and I loved every part of it…except the furnance room, which had no door. I would hate playing in that section, as I would always see ‘people’ moving in there out of the corner of my eye. They never said/did anything to hurt or frighten me, but I was scared just the same.

    When I turned 7, my grandma died and my mother remarried. I never saw any shadow people at his house, though my mother tells me I had horrible night terrors til I was 9, and would wake up crying that there were people in my closet. I don’t remember this at all.

    In 10th grade, we moved to a new house, and I (being the oldest of my 3 siblings) got the only downstairs bedroom. From the first week we were there, odd things happened. We would hear heavy footsteps going up and down the stairs, through the upstairs hall, and in the rec room next to my bedroom. I saw our large LazyBoy rocking chair move by itself, heard a young girl crying, and would hear cars pull through our circular driveway when there were none. Typical ghost stuff, nothing really scary.

    I was ‘lucky’ though, as it appears that the ‘shadow people’ were not seen by anyone else. It appears they were only in my room. Again though, I was never hurt or really frightened by them. I had my pet birds in my room, and they never reacted to them, so I figured they were okay. They would always be silent, and move from 1 corner of the room to the other. My bedroom had no windows, only a full sliding-glass door, which faced our 6 acre woods backyard, so there were no people or cars that could have made weird shadows. It got to the point were I would simply lay in bed and watch them. Mine were never very clear, and it was only every once in a while that they would be in a humanoid form. Most of the time, they were either ‘blobs’ or simply looked like large floating cloaks.

    I see that many on this site have had horrible encounters with them, but they never bothered me. In fact, the only time any of them even ‘noticed’ me was the few times I sat up in bed to watch them. Then they would stop,’turn’ towards me, then continue on their way. Also, I don’t know how they would disappear for others, but mine always dissolved into the upper corners of my bedroom. I thought it odd how they would appear by the corners of my headboard, and cross through the room to the opposite side, clinging to the wall the whole time. I seemed to get the feeling that they were simply travelers who were very, very lost…

  11. necarsa says:

    i have seen these entities my whole life and i am now 23 years old. they are always cloaked figures that have red eyes, they used to stand at the foot of my bed as a child and on occasion have had a weird creature on a leash. but now I see them usually when there has been fighting or arguing in the house or if there is a lot of grief. They seem to be drawn to anger,hatred,grief, and violence. I only ever have one dream of them(when im not seeing them while im awake)and in that dream i am in a graveyard with them chasing me and every gate i run to in order to try to escape is locked, this dream usually happens right before i get really sick.

  12. auty sue says:

    about four months ago i was doing a puzzle that had a picture of Jesus on it, well my mom accidentally caught the puzzle on fire where the word “i will be with you always” was and ever since i have always seen a shadow person in my mirror at night. i sleep with my dog every night and i always say goodnight, well the shadow person whispers godnight to me every night when i go to sleep. i have never seen it move before tho. it’ll be in my mirror and then at my side but i never see it move. it throws my uzzle pieces around my room. i can see the shape of a head and neck and shoulder. but it has no hat or c;oak look to it. it always looks as if its leaning arcrossed my mirror to look at me. last night i tryed to comunicate with it by asking if something was wrong or if the shadow person needed something, i got no response. it only says goodnight. i dont know what to do. it wont go away. and now my crosss that was hanging is missing.

  13. austin says:

    i had an experiance acouple days ago i was at my grandmas in this one room we call the “doll room” so me and my cuzin were in there and we snapped acouple of pics and we saw what looked like an old fisherman but my grandma has the photo so i cant upload it

  14. JG says:

    I have seen the shadows since I was about 10 years old. The older I got the less I have seen them but it still happens from time to time. They would appear when I was walking alone in the woods. I would see movement to my side and when I looked they would move quickly behind a tree or building. Scientists can say what they want but a person knows when they are being watched. Thats the big question tho- why are they here? Do they have an agenda or are they just watching and why do only some of us see them. I have always been a little creeped out when I see them but I have never felt in danger or afraid.

  15. Bryar says:

    Soon after I turned 16 I dreamt that I was in a thick forest where the trees and the foliage was so thick that barely any visible light from the moon was able to make it past the canopy, sort of like the Black Forest in Europe before the end of the Medieval Era. This being a dream, I wandered into the woods and found myself into a clearing. The light was so bright in contrast to what I had just been through. On the other side of the clearing I could make out a faint greenish light coming through the treeline. Now when I say green, I don’t mean the shade of green that you normally think of as being able to be emitted from a light source, it was a dark green, a Hunter Green. Intrigued I went off back into the woods to explore again. As I got closer, the light would get brighter but still had the same basic hue to it. When I got to the source, there was a shadow of a man and he was the source of the light. He caught sight of me and started to come closer to me. I panicked and quickly woke up in a cold sweat, shaking uncontrollably.

    When I was able to get back to sleep I had another dream, and this one I still have regularly almost 10 years after the fact. It a village, old continental Celtic from what I could gather from the design of the buildings, round wooden walls covered in mud and clay with thatched conical roofs with a small hole at the top for the smoke to escape. I was in front of this one house, and I just knew that it was mine, like this was more of a memory rather than a dream. There was a woman near me talking, and to this day I can’t understand what she was saying but I still knew the meaning of what she was talking about. Rather inane stuff really so I’ve forgotten the conversation over the years. I took her into a hug and then walked into the forest with a spear, a knife, and a sling and started following tracks. I got to where I wanted to be and waited for what seamed like hours until a dear wandered too close to where I was. I waited until it was just underneath me before I jumped down quietly and killed it. I lifted it up over my shoulders and started walking back to “my” house. When I got back to the edge of the woods, I started smelling smoke. I dropped the dear and started running back to the village and saw all of the buildings raised, the smoke still rising from the husks of what was left. There was blood everywhere but no bodies were anywhere to be found. I got to what was left of my home, and at where the door way was there was the woman I had embraced before I had left lying in a pool of blood on the dirt walkway, clutching at her stomach. I heard a snap of a twig and a rustle in the grass behind me so I turned to see what it was, about ready to kill what ever it was that made the sound, but my head was covered with a sack and the next thing I heard was a loud thwack and felt a sharp pain in the back of my head. When I came to, I was back in the woods, in a small clearing that held a pool where we would hold our celebrations and would hold our rituals, my hands bound behind me, genuflecting at the waters edge. I saw the knife blade as it came close to my throat, the hand holding it attached to a person behind me, but I never saw his face of the final strike that slit me open. The last part of the dream was me being shoved face first into the clear water.

    When I woke up the second time, in the corner of my room, I saw the same shadowy figure, bathed in the green light, that I had seen from my first dream of the night. He was staring right at me but he didn’t come closer. He just raised his hand and his head slumped down as if he was shamed or something. I turned to turn on the light, but when I looked back he was gone.

    Oddly enough on the very same night my mother had an encounter. She didn’t see anything and was paralyzed everywhere except for her eyes. She felt the shift in weight in the bed as if something just sat down next to her. She looked around but there was no one. She felt it lean over her and breath on her ear as the four words were whispered to her: “Out of the womb”. She was so spooked that she slept in the living room just so dad could keep watch on her at night (he was a night owl and was always out in the living room back then at night).

    To this day, I still have that dream on a regular basis and neither one of us ever figured out what “out of the womb” meant, but every now and then at night I still see that shadowy man with the green light.

  16. someone says:

    This guys have tormented me since I was a little kid. When ever I see or feel one I know is bad news, this things in my opinion and personal experience are the real demons. My mom, sister, and I have all had experience with this guys. When ever their presence are around, there is fight and sadness at home. They are here to led you to the path of destruction and use you as their instruments to do evil. We are also their main food source, they feed from our fears, hate, and any other negative emotion. They are really hard to get rib off. They are very persistence and won’t let you go away that easy. And exorcism wont make them go way, just your faith and face them will stop them, for a while. The will never go oat, they are predators and will always be waiting for the right time get back into your life.

  17. dead says:

    hello, i have been on the lightest tense “stalked” bye them, trying to get to the bottom of it i started using a ouija board to talk to them. and i have been able to talk to them. but with my experiences i would like to say DON’T TALK TO THEM. i sorta…fell in love with one…he was nice and always made me laugh…un-tell recently he has been saying that i am not allowed to “care” for anyone else…he is prob staring at me right now…he said if i even showed love to my family that he would kill them…I’m scared and i don’t wanna talk to him anymore…i told him that and he said that i had to be his “friend” and talk to him or he will kill me. he only started saying that when i relised he was lying to me about things… so i always questioned him but then i would pass it off saying “hes only lying because he cares” but now he said that he has only been talking to me to get close to me so he can take my body…he wouldn’t tell me why but its kinda easy to tell… im afraid and just to let you know DON’T MESS WITH THINGS YOU CANT HANDLE…. im only 15 and i need help….

  18. dead says:

    ….actually i can tell he is hear, and he is “not happy” he is standing behind me…not that i can see him, its more of a scene him…he was standing behind my chair with his hand on the back of it…i got so scared i moved seats, but i can still fell his eyes on my…it use to be a nice and caring, now its just cold and scary…what did i do to piss him off? i tried to make him happy…and i have people in my head…he told one of them to go to hell. they are a part of me so does that mean he told me to go to hell? im so confused and scared i cant get him to leave and i cant leave him, hes always there, watching me, fallowing me. i need some place to go where he isn’t. i really feel like im going to die.

  19. John says:

    Just want to share a story about my mother that happened many years ago. She was home alone and waiting for someone to come over to the house and pick her up to go out. It was daytime and she thought she heard a car coming down the road. So she went to one of the spare bedrooms and looked out of the window to see better down the road. While she was standing there the dog started to growl. She told the dog to be quiet and that it was just her. Thinking the dog didn’t realize who she was while her back was turned to it. Well the dog wouldn’t stop growling so she turned and looked at it. Thats when she noticed the dog wasn’t looking at her but next to her, at the other side of the window. She looked over and saw a black shadow figure looking out the window. However she said as soon as she noticed it it started to turn and look at her. That was all it took and she ran out of the house screaming. Apparently she wouldn’t go back in until someone checked every inch of the house. Nobody found anything of course.

    She said she would have chalked it all up to her imagination/hallucination but she said it wasn’t a shadow since it was so black you couldn’t see through it and more importantly the dog saw it too.

  20. J.B. says:

    When I was about 6, I was unable to fall a sleep because I felt frightened for no reason. My older brother was passed out on the top bunk, he had his cat with him in the bed and I had our other 2 cats in my bed with me. My mother was sleeping in the next room with our Giant Schnauzer.
    I looked towards our door, which was open about a foot, and I saw this little man peering around the corner of the door. He was about 2 feet tall, had glowing eyes, and was darker than the room itself. He kept staring at me with an evil grin on his face, I could make out sharp teeth as well. He pointed at me a few times and I thought he was going to do something terrible to me. So I called out for my mother, who didn\’t hear me because I was so scared I could barely raise my voice.
    I had thought I must be imagining the little man, however the two cats in my bed were staring intently at the man as well, one of them was letting out a low growl. I tried calling out for my mother again to no avail. I heard my dog hit the ground coming off my mother\’s bed, and the familiar click click click of my dog\’s nails hitting the hardwood floor. Suddenly the little man looked terrified and ran, I then saw my dog growling and chasing after it.
    I used that opportunity to grab my cats and run in to my mother\’s room, in which my dog came back in and got in the bed with us. I woke my mother and she told me I was just dreaming it. I knew I wasn\’t because the little man came to my mother\’s door this time and the dog started growling at him again and he left.
    The little man didn\’t come back for a few months after that, until my dog died from heart worms. That first night without her, the little man was back with his menacing grin. I was terrified yet again, however I suddenly heard the sound of my dog\’s nails on the floor and the little man ran again, and i saw a shadowy figure that looked like our dog chasing after it.
    Every night after that I could always hear the nails of my deceased dog on the floor, and the little man never came back.
    ….I tremble at the very memory of this…glad I have 3 cats and a dog while living on my own.

  21. Mike says:
    ^^Very common night time \"attacks\" explained^^
    ^^proof that its just an illusion created by the mind^^

    People are just bored with life and want the tricky tricks our minds play on us to be real so badly. To find some way to liven up banality of existance. This stuff is all \"in your head\" literally. The people that have experienced this \"phenomenon\" either are stressed/overtired, slightly narcoleptic or starting to show the onset of schizophrenia. Go ahead and \"believe\" if you will that there are magical sentient beings creeping around your bed at night, watching you sleep and sending you a bunch of negative attitude. Id personally rather be upset at my own brain for tricking me in such a bizzare way. I bet it would make everyone sleep easier knowing its all a figment of their imagination. Take away the power they hold over you by realizing they dont exist. Free yourself from fear!!
    Oh, and NEVER trust anything you see in your periferal vision!
    We all have a blind spot where our brain \"fills in\" on its own. Do the test in the link above. Anyone who claims to see things out of the corner of their eye have just been fooled by a crappy \"copy and paste\" job by the brain!

  22. Bert Lindzy says:

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  23. fax2email says:

    They would appear when I was walking alone in the woods. I would see movement to my side and when I looked they would move quickly behind a tree or building.

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  25. Erick Anderson says:

    I was startled from sleep as I sense someone or something approaching my bed. Fearful to open my eyes, I could hear footsteps getting nearer and nearer until curiosity overcomes my fear. So I slowly opened my eyes and there was a dark specter getting closer and closer. I felt a waft of cold air as inhuman hands were moving towards my throat. If I could only scream for help or leap out of bed but I was petrified and rooted on the spot. Until I was able to scream Ah! Ah! Ah! Soon my room was ablaze with light after mom opened the door and rushed to my side. Glory be! It was just a nightmare.

    My mom gave me a glass of water and tried to calm the loud beating of my heart. I was a bit embarrassed for here I am newly graduated from high school and fearful of the dark like a small child. So convinced that it was just a figment of my imagination, I went back to bed. I really need some sleep for next day I have to go camping with my schoolmates as our last bonding moments before going in different directions for college.

    Then I remember that a few weeks after graduation, my buddies and I were in the summer carnival, enjoying the rides and other spectacle. As we passed by a fortune teller’s tent, a gipsy crone with a colorful bandanna wrapped around her head and adorned with bungles, stood across my way and pointed a finger at me with this warning, ”Beware of the shadow people, they are out to get you!” Before I could respond, a male gipsy got out of the tent and pushed her in. My buddies did not hear this warning since they were watching beautiful gipsy girls prancing around with their tambourines. It was getting late, so we headed for home.

    Next day, I remembered that strange encounter and wanted to learn what shadow people are. The internet will give me the answer. I made a Google search, this is what I saw: Shadow people (also known as shadow figures, shadow beings, shadow men, or shadow folk) are supernatural shadow-like figures of both modern folklore and paranormal popular culture that believers describe as dark humanoid forms or evasive specters that are seen mostly in peripheral vision.
    Wow! It was weird and really fantastic. I told myself. It was almost like the Eclipse. Better to forget and enjoy my last week in high school.

    Our first day in the Bourne Scenic Park Campground was really exciting. We got to meet new friends and pretty girls who were just as fun loving as we were. The day passed swiftly and as darkness came, my buddies and I settled in our camper after spending some hours reminiscing about school life. Everybody was snoring the night away but sleep did not come so I decided to go out for a breathe of air.

    This was the very first night of my return to the Bourne Scenic Park Campground and as I stood gazing into the darkness an overwhelming feeling of fear came over me. Lost in my childhood memories was the fact that I had experienced this same type of fear at this campground. As a child, I remember having to lie on my cot inside the camper and dealt with my fear by pulling the cover over my head until sleep came and took me safely away until morning. Now that I am an adult it is beyond me to crawl under my blanket. I walked out of the camper and followed a path which led through the darkness of a small stand of pine trees before opening to the path that would take me to the Pavilion. I had always thought the Pavilion was haunted; even as a child. Now as a grown man I still thought it was possible for the building to be haunted although I had never seen anything to make me believe it was haunted. Not until that first night anyway.

    The sound of leaves rustling was not new to my senses. There was a large population of deer in this area and coyote as well. Still, there was something unnatural about these sounds. My fear intensified a bit as I stepped up closer to the Pavilion. As I looked into the darkness of the far end of the Pavilion I noticed what appeared to be the shape of a person wearing some sort of cloak and hat. It didn’t move. I continued looking at it and once again my fear was growing more intense. My heart was pounding. I was frozen where I stood. And then it was gone.

    I then turned around, flagged down one of the of the park\’s patrolman and gave him a description of the suspicious individual and pointed to his direction. The patrolman searched the area but did not observe anyone matching the description.

    For the remainder of my week’s stay at the campgrounds I continued to search for this cloaked person. There were a few other sightings but from a distance before my last encounter. I spent my last night alone in the camper since my three buddies, who were apprehensive to leave me alone, had interviews to catch up. Before we left for the camping ground, I already had my interview and was all set to enter college. I have always wanted to be a teacher and I was sure I could realize my goal. The night before I was to leave I was overwhelmed by uneasiness and a strange feeling that I was being watched. I had packed up my things before I went to bed so that I could leave just as dawn broke. As I peeped out of window, from the corner of my eye, I noticed the same cloaked visitor standing by the trees. Again I stood frozen. When I turned to look straight at it, it darted out of view.
    Shaking the image out of my head, I assume that it was some peculiar anomaly of my eyesight, however the feeling still lingers that someone continues to watch me. By good fortune, two patrolmen were checking up for the night. I told them of what I saw and they assured me that they are nearby just in case. Nothing more happened that night.
    When I return home, I wanted to inquire from the gipsy woman what she meant by her warning but the carnival had left for another town. At night I often wonder about what I saw. I searched the internet and learned that many people had been visited by shadow people. Where did they come from? What do they want? Do they intend to harm us are questions that have not been answered. Never again had I been bothered by shadow people and I do not know why? I am almost through with my course in college and I hope that I will never come across these people again.

  26. B says:

    They are not shadows, they are not ghosts, They are not spirits.
    They are Demons.
    They have been terrorizing me since I was 10, 28 years now.
    They are evil.
    They want to destroy you.
    They do not haunt; they possess.
    You, are their possession, and they will use you like you do a butter knife.
    No one can help you…..not even a priest, or the vicor of God.
    I have tried everything you can imagine to rid myself of these things.Once one sets it’s desire on you there is no escape.
    The greatest trick The Devil ever played was getting us to convince ourselves that It does not exist.

  27. B says:

    In regards to Mikes post. I hope one finds you too.
    You must be a shrink, where all things are explainable by fault.
    Tell your psycho bable crap to my friends, that have been attacked in my home. Several people have seen It in my home, and experienced It’s malice. Seeing shadows is one thing; having doors opening and closing in front you, plates flying out of your cupboards and hitting you in the face is another.

    Like I said you piece of crap…..I hope one finds you soon.

  28. katie says:

    My moms friend actully saw a shawdow figuie at a house that a guy died at!

  29. Al says:

    I’ve lived in my duplex for 3 years. Most of that time there had been a very playful spirit here that liked to play pranks on occasion to say hello.
    however all that ended about 2 months ago when we started seeing a shadowy figure in the house. my wife and I have both been startled by it several times and would like it to stop.
    does anyone know how to rid ourselves of this spook?

  30. Hannah says:

    I have also seen shadow people in my room. They seem to linger around at 11:00 pm. They wisper, jerk touch my things, open drawers. Well living in the most historic place can lead to theese things probaly. This really creeps me out. I would go sleep in the guest room, to leave this stuff. I don’t know what is wrong, or what is wrong! Someone needs to help me!

  31. Hannah says:

    I have also seen shadow people in my room. They seem to linger around at 11:00 pm. They wisper, jerk touch my things, open drawers. I don’t know what to do! I have a soulutuin call a priest or a religouse person and they will help! It’s just satan messing with you! Ask Jesus and your gardian angle for help. Actual beleive it too. Like don’t say it won’t work, ask your gardian angle to help you and I am sure he or she will!

  32. TheManOfTheParanormal says:

    Shadow people….beings of true hostitlity…well some are…these beings have attacked and spoken to me on many occasions, and many dates, the most memorable one was the strange encounter me and my best friend had with a group of 3 or maybe even more of these creatures, me and my friend were driving on our normal route near his house and through the back roads on a vehicle called a Mule, the time was about 7 p.m. and he and I had been riding around for quite some time, we began to notice a few things that changed every time we drove around, he just said it was nothing and I agreed even though my mind screamed that something was wrong, so he and I Began our next trip around the trail and right when we got to a place in it where metal fences were stacked together (unused) all of the fences were laying in the middle of the road, he became quite frightened but decided nothing was wrong and we both began to move the fences out of the road, minutes later after this he tried to crank the Mule but it wouldn’t start, we both looked under the hood and nothing seemed to be wrong, and then there began a noise in the woods that echoed around us, a chatter that began quietly but kept growing in sound by each passing second, the language was not english nor any other language we could recognize, then there was the sounds of sticks breaking and footsteps edging on leafs and other debri, my friend tried to start the Mule over and over he was getting so worked up sweat began to drip from his face, I began to walk towards the Mule to comfort him, and then right as I began to get near it I saw a pure black figure just staring at me,I just stared back and began to be agitated and then it began to walk foward and then step back to taunt me it seemed, in a fit of anger I yelled at it, cursing towards it and telling it ”If you want to do something do it i am right here! Come get me!” it seemed to change, my stomach began to twist at the feeling of its now hostility, and then it rushed at me so fast it became a blur and it ran into me and i either lost my footing or was knocked to the ground, it stood by the other side of the trail looking at me to mock me, as I began to get into the Mule, a black blur knocked my friend out of the seat and onto the ground, unhurt he got back up in a scare of realisation of how dangerous these things really were, I told him I would push the car and he could try 2 start the Mule like that, he aggreed and I began to push the Mule, more figures began to line the paths of the trails and sounds of laughter were heard and then the engine clicked on and before i could do anything my friend slammed his foot on the petal and i hurried to jump inside the back, and moments later there was another figure of black in a long black hood taller then the creatures we saw before standing in the middle of the road, he had a smile that made me think a sinister thing was among us and then my friend, he decided enough was enough and pulled a small handgun out of the floorboard and shot at the figure, I yelled for him not to do that but then the voices grew louder and louder and my head seemed like it was just going 2 explode, he looked at me and then turned his head, to notice the creature had dissappeared, he began to drive but I fell out the back and i felt like something was tearing at my very soul, I yelled and the shadow beings began to approach me, more and more i began to hurt, untill i finally blacked out, I reawoke minutes later inside the vehicle, my friend told me nothing happened while I was out and we both swore to try to keep this a secret, or if we ever told this, not to give our names.

  33. jen says:

    strange to seek this page out… i’ve seen”shadow men” and other paranormal sightings my whole life. i sense when there around me even when i don’t see them. i have a child living in my home currently that is a playful sweet spirit and they never seem to frighten me. they only intrigue the hell outta me! of course not when i was small. i suffered from insomnia from the age of 2 till i had my own kids.

    i’ve spoken to many people throughout my life about these things. some conversations deep and meaningful. others dismissive and rude. my father being the later! he is convinced that it’s a figment of my imagination or a trick of the eye. even though he’s heard his grandfather speak to him in an open field a week after he died… still he wrote it off to being his need to hear him speak again and his brain produced it!

    so a couple of years ago my father was in the passengers seat of my car and we are traveling somewhere fairly late at night. we approached a red light, and being first in line at the light we were basically next to the intersection. we were both chatting about nothing in particular when we both, at the same instant, look to the intersection. there, loping across the intersection, was a huge shadow figure. and let me say this was no person!! it had to be at least 9 feet long. it had long legs and arms that were bent oddly at the joints to allow for traveling on all fours. it went from the right side of the intersection to the left then off into a farmers field. once it was out of the bright lights of the intersection we could no longer see it. after it disappeared my father looked at me and i asked if he had seen it. he said he had then shrugged.

    i just don’t get it. i don’t believe it was a ghost and my idea for what shadow people are isn’t the norm in thinking. i truly believe these are “alien” beings that either share space with us via another dimension that we glimpse on occasion or are visiting creatures from another place… honestly i am of the belief that humans are to small minded and small brained to understand anything and everything and conjecture is an utterly fruitless and rediculous task. but i have been thinking a lot about that creature lately. have any of you ever seen this particular thing before???? if you have please post here and thank you!!

  34. jen says:

    to add to my shadow creature comment this thing was solid blackish grey but seemingly flat. like it had no contours. as if it was a 2d image moving across the road. once again, if any of you have seen something similar please post here. i’m half tempted to go ask the farmer if he had seen anything similar. they have a vegetable stand in the summer so it wouldn’t be awkward to approach them…

  35. john says:

    I am a criminal investigator of 28 years. I have had three cases involving native american satan worshipers involving shadow people. All three I got confessions and information, they were all homicides. They state that shadow people are demons pure and simple, They can be summoned, but you have to protect youself, if they get out they can and will possess you. Johnson brothers, picked up a retired Air force officer who apparently had gay tendencies. They took him out, and had there way with him in a camp area, They built a fire set up protection (encirclment?), and began to summons, the shadows appeared in the fire, but his brother was drunk and fell across the (encirclement), and they came upon them. I found them the next day staggering around in a daze after being stopped by patrol officers because they were covered in blood. I found the crime scene. They had butchered the man, they took his internal organs out, there I found two beer cans cut in half, these cans had been used to scoop blood out of the body cavity and drank. blood was used to draw a goat within a pentagram, and words to this day I have been unable to unravel. I could go on about the other two cases, but the shadow people in the fire, with encirlement, summons through chants, and out of control were common. Was this common shared belief? and an excuse to Sacrifice or kill because of fantasy belief/mob acton? To me the words written though unknown scared me like never before, the commonality of process brings me even closer to believing. I write this only to continue knowledge of what I know to help me in further investigations, but most of all to tell anyone out there do not do stupid s##t, there are things out there that need to be left in the box, once out you may not be able to put them back, they may cause you lose your life through death or life in prison. please do not #### with this stuff ever or take it lightly. What I have written is not b####T please listen and not deleve into this stuff becasue you curious

  36. Erika says:

    I first saw the shadow people when I was around 5 years old. My bedroom was just off the kitchen where we used to keep the stove light on at night. The door to my bedroom was half glass w/ a curtain over the glass. As I laid in my bed, I saw shadows moving across the wall. I looked at the window and nobody was there to cast a shadow. I looked back at the wall and they had stopped moving. I could feel them looking at me. I got scared then and put the covers over my head. I didn’t see them again until I was 10 years old.

    The episode that happened when I was 10… I shared a room w/ my little sister who was about 6 at the time. I remember wanting to stay up for my mom who was working a double shift that night. I think I fell asleep in the living room and my stepdad put me to bed. I admit when I woke up, I was a little disoriented because I thought that I was still in the living room. I looked around my room and saw something standing in the corner by the door. It was darker than any shadow I had ever seen. It was as tall as the door frame. It was just standing there. I just kept looking at it and it seemed to turn around and it had reflective eyes! Like when light shines in a dog’s or cat’s eyes at night. That freaked me out! Then it started to move over to my sister’s bed. I told my sister to wake up. I asked her if she could see something standing by her bed. She was too scared to look and just hid under the covers. She told me to go back to sleep. I then yelled for somebody to come but nobody came. I tried talking to it. I asked it who it was and what did it want. It didn’t answer me. It just swayed back and forth. I just laid there petrified until I fell asleep.

    The next morning when I woke up, everything in my room had changed! It felt like it was the same room but different. My sister and her bed were gone, the dresser was gone and it looked like my closet was all taped up with some kind of masking tape! The room also had this dull washed out gray look to it. I ran out of the room screaming my head off! I tried my mother’s bedroom door but it was locked. I banged on her door and told her my sister was missing, that somebody took her! My mom came to the door and was looking confused because my sister was standing right behind me! I was looking more confused because I know what I saw and what I experienced.

    I’m now 39 and I have never had another experience like that. Thank God! But that night when I was 10 years old will stay with me. My mom and sister sometimes still ask me about that night. I tell them that it was something in my room that night and I hope I never see it again…

  37. Rosi says:

    when i was about 10.durring the summer my family usually stays in our vacation home in the D.R.
    my father built the beautiful spanish style house when i was born,along with many of the other homes on his room in pretty big so when my cousins come to stay the night we usually put two beds together in the center of the room………One morning is i sat up in bed, i came face-to-face with a shadow person (i think).it was in the form of a little girl with what seamed like waves of darkness emitting from her.I stared at her for a good 10 seconds and then slowly edged under the covers.I was as scared as any kid would be but what worried me most was that something could happen to my cousin.I peeked various times threw the blanket and it was still there…….after that some really creepy things have been happening around me……whispers,more shadows,cold chills,breathing in my ear,people in the corner of my eye that disappear …….once when i was at my bffs house,her little cousin was there and he started chanting “how do you get rid of shadows?how do you get rid of shadows?”,i was about to ask how? when my bff told him to stop

  38. Rosi says:

    i also remember a man standing at my door when i was really little and my mom would also hear whispers calling her name in my dads old house.

  39. Rosi says:

    just remember to not show fear and never keep a grudge.learn to control your emotions,your not crazy and your not alone.Just be strong and keep in faith. Don’t let them frighten you,hold your head high and say to yourself “im not afraid of you,you can never hurt me”……….i have learned that for my experience

  40. stephanie says:

    When I was a kid, from ages 7-10 yrs old, both my younger sister and I used to see these shadow figures pretty often at night time as we were going to bed. We shared a room which was at the end of a hallway, and at night when it was completely dark we’d both witness these shadow figures walking up and down the hallway, and at times they’d even come in to our room and look over us, like they were curious. Weird thing is, there were no physical features, just a silouhette shaped like a hooded figure. There were always several of them passing through the hallway. This happened on a regular basis and my sister and I were both terrified. We always woke our parents up and explained what we saw, but my mom always said our eyes were playing tricks on us. I’m 28 now, and I recently asked my sister about this and she too said the memory of these shadow figures still gives her chills to this day just thinking about it. Aside from that, I’ve never actually seen a ghost, or anything else since then. We moved out of that house when I was 10 and i’ve never had an experience like that anywhere else.

  41. Maria says:

    These entities are attracted to aggression, depression, anger, and other negativity.
    I know this because I lived with my mean natured older sister and her equally mean natured daughters.
    There was always anger, fighting, yelling, slamming of doors, tears, and abuse in the house.
    When times were especially bad, I would see these shadow men in the doorways, at the foot of my bed, even my niece would pull me to the side to talk to me about her fear of them.
    They were around 7 ft tall, very broad, solid inky black, wearing a hood and silently watching.
    Ever since I moved away from them I haven\’t seen the tall shadows again, but at times when I feel down I do see the shadows that crawl low on the floor, sometimes making me think it\’s my cats.
    They crawl incredibly fast and I catch a glimpse of them before they disappear into the wall or another room.

  42. Arnot says:

    I have also been subject to hauntings since childhood, I have not thought much about the first \"ghost\" I can remember seeing when I was 8 or 9 yrs. old. I woke to use the bath rm. and was shocked to see a black figure that stood next to my bed blocking the only exit as the bed was placed against the wall, I tried to see my brother across the room in his own bed yet it was too dark too tell, this figure appeared shorter then my brother standing and taller then my brother kneeling, also, \"it\" appeared to be wearing a cloak and was darker then our bed rm. at night. I have recently learned that these beings are not ghosts and are always dangerous. They are commonly attracted to children who are unhappy, often targeting children who are not treated well by their parents or guardians, the very ones who need the most love and care. They do feed off your sorrows, try not to dwell on your sad feelings, talk to another adult that you trust, do not keep fear and resentment with you.

  43. Vin says:

    About two years ago i had a little experience with what i now think may have been a shadow being, but im not 100% sure. I was in my basement watching tv around 2 or 3 in the morning, and i saw a shadow run across the wall behind the tv screen, i immideatly assumed it was a ghost, but i tried to ignore it, but out of the corner of my eye i saw it in the corner to the left of my tv, i looked right at it and it from the ceiling it creeped downwards and formed what looked like a human\’s head and shoulders except upside down, the shadow itself was moving on the wall, i was terrified and just starred at it, then two white orbs came from the bottom of the wall to the left of the black shadow and they formed a right side up head and shoulders and they sort of connected and once the expanding black shadow touched the white, it retracted to the corner and the head and shoulders retracted upwards, the white heads and shoulders just sort of hung out there for a while then they just faded, the white orbs were very comforting. Note that the only window in my basement was across the room and my driveway is the only thing outside this window, so i was not a persons shadow, even if it couldve been, i dont think a human\’s shadow is white. I have ideas, but i am not 100% sure what i saw that night, and i would appreciate if someone could maybe tell me what they think it was and whether it was good or bad, it would be much appreciated.

  44. ct says:

    I have seen shadow people at my home for a long time. Twice just today. Once as I walked by the bathroom, I just stopped and asked whats up? Do you need something? When I walked back to the bathroom it was gone. Then while sitting back in my recliner I saw what looked like the same dark figure standing right next to me (night time just my T.V was on). I was watching T.V and said. Good show huh? Then it was gone. I have dealt with ghost and shadow people for a very long time. These figures have always been full figured but very dark in color with no real features. Just the perfect outline of a person. The ghosts I see are more of a whiteish mist. never seen ghost as full figured as I have a showdow person.

  45. susan says:

    When I was about 15 I saw a shadowmen out of the corner of my eye. I watched it stand up and float/move towards me as if it were oil, black as night, humanoid but with no features. Very round head and limbs but no discernable fingers and toes. It was moving as if 2 dimensionally and stayed fixed in front of me for a good moment. I was paralyzed with fear, couldn’t even speak. I looked into it and it was black as a starless night. Absolute terror sent me spinning around and running up the stairs. A moment later I turned around it was gone. I feel this was an interdimensional being but how it got there I have no idea or where it left to. I was not hallucinating. This entity was real.

  46. DJ Rosen says:

    These shadow people live and feed off negative emotion. Fear is the strongest and they will do what it takes to feed off your negative emotion. Laughter is at the opposite end of the emotional energy pole and they cannot feed off laughter. Laughing at them will starve them and they will go somewhere else to scare people. It\’s like being on a totally different part of the radio spectrum. They can\’t get through if you will not react with fear. There are other beings of a similar intent. Changing the enviornment, making it happier will begin to tune them out. The bigger the change in the room, the less connected they will feel. Light cheery colors.

  47. Kitty says:

    I recently have started seeing these “shadow men”, I moved in with my boyfriend about two years ago and had noticed strange thing happening. First it was our door nobs moving, closing/opening doors, hearing people walk when no one was home. One day about a year ago I was laying in bed and suddenly heard a man whisper in my ear “come in” which freaked me out to the point of sleeping with the lights on when I’m alone. Nowadays I’m not very scared of it as it seemed like usual haunting occurrences but i noticed over the last few months I’ve heard children screaming (sounding like it would be in the next room) and i hear the same man whispering now and then, and faint touches, so activity has gotten a lot stronger. Then about two or three months ago i started noticing shadows, at first this to wasn’t very alarming due to everything that has been going on, it started with seeing a mans very faint shadow through a mirror or going up stairs but lately I’ve been going on morning jogs at a park that’s no more than a block away from my house and I’ve started to notice that I’m seeing a lot more of this shadow man or men. i usually see them during the day and they aren’t very see-through or ghost like to say the least.

    They don’t appear to be wearing a hood or hat it just seems like a bald head or isn’t very defined, but they look so much like people. I normally can only look straight at them for a no more than a minute (if that) before they vanish but they have so much physical detail that its hard to blame my imagination. They don’t scare me nor have they ever came very close to me, i just see them walking or sitting for a few moments before they disappear. The only thing that worries me is that I don’t know very much about them and it seems like i see them more and a lot more detailed than when I first started seeing them.

    I know a lot of this stuff is very controversial and strange but its very hard to find information about them. I was raised from a family that study witchcraft and are into all that but even they are scared of and view shadows as a horrible sign. Honestly i don’t understand that to much since i myself don’t study it but its really reassuring to know that I’m not the only person seeing these things.

  48. Mike says:

    I saw a shadow person when i was 10 or 12. it had a hat fedora on. it was in/on a door in the hallway at night. it made me scream and was very scary. my mom opened the door but nothing was there. i really hate them.

    it has stuck with me, maybe it is some kind of weird brain thing, since so many people have experienced. still i hate it. it seemed evil.

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