A Focus on Accessories

Ahhh. The cool winds are changing (oddly, even here in Florida) and pumpkin-spice-everything is being loaded on the shelves. Our favorite time of year is within reach.

The coolest part about this time of year is that we (usually) get to investigate a bit more. This triggers us to find ways to make our investigations easier and more enjoyable. So, we thought we’d offer up some of our best accessories for making life easier.

Top 10 Picks for Ghost Hunting Accessories

1. USB Battery Pack
Extend the battery life on your gear without having to be tied down to an outlet and swapping disposable batteries.
2. Gear Cases and Protection
An investigator is only as good as the tools used – and we’re always on the move. Protect those tools.
3. Flashlight
The number one tool for all low light investigations. The twist head also allows to conduct the ‘flashlight experiment’ for potential spirit communication.
4. Batteries and Memory
More power, Captain!
Extra batteries and memory are always important to have on-hand every investigation.
5. Flexible Tripod
Mount your camera, light, EMF meter and any other device anywhere with this flexible camera tripod.
6. K2 Meter Stand and Clip
Make your K2 stand up. This is a HUGE help for your K2 meter. It’s a belt clip. It’s a tripod mount. No more fumbling with your K2. Now you can stand it up easily, clip it onto your belt or pocket and even mount it right to a tripod.
7. Ghost Box Faraday Wallet
Shield your spirit box (SBox or SB7) from radio broadcast for cleaner ghost box sessions.
8. Brackets and Mounts
Make your investigation easier to handle.
9. Battery Tester
Test your batteries whenever you need or check if they are being drained during an investigation.
10. Fun Stuff and GIFTS
Make your investigaitons more fun, bring your love of ghost hunting to your desk or raise someone’s spirits with a ghost hunting gift.



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