Last-Minute Gifts for Ghost Hunters

Searching for last-minute gifts, under any circumstances, is anxiety-inducing. But, when your friend or family member has a passion for ghosts and gadgets, it can often feel much more daunting.

This is because the demands of a paranormal investigation are familiar yet distinct. So, while you might know that they could benefit from audio and video recording devices, you must also understand the needs of their investigations. 

And yet, we don’t have enough time for that. How do you find the perfect gift for the paranormal investigator in your life when you don’t have the time to gather more information?

Top 6 Last-Minute Gifts for Ghost Hunters

The best way to find a gift that is equal parts fun, functional, and broadly appealing is to consider the basic needs of a ghost hunter. Our ghost hunting experts identified the most common issues that are shared among different paranormal investigations. 

We also considered that you may not want to risk giving your loved one ghost hunting equipment they may already have. If your receiver is someone that’s been ghost hunting for a number of years, it’s possible they have quite a bit of gear already. Therefore, any last-minute gift must be capable of standing on its own in terms of quality and value.

3 Top Picks for the ghost hunter who has all the equipment.

Here are a few great choices for the investigator in your life who seems to have it all already. Here are some awesome picks to compliment their ever-growing kit.

3. Equipment Backpack

2. Headlamp Flashlight

1. Phasm Video Camera

3. Equipment Backpack

One of the first questions we asked ourselves was, what is a piece of ghost hunting gear that people are unlikely to buy for themselves? The answer was nearly unanimous from the team: gear storage.

Your ghost hunter probably knows the electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recorder they want — but are they still using their old backpack to carry their gear? It’s a practical choice.

The Tech Backpack is a great last-minute gift because it’s likely an upgrade to your ghost hunter’s current kit. Best of all? Unlike a school backpack, this gear was purpose-made for paranormal investigations.

2. Headlamp Flashlight

While discussing the most vital equipment for ghost hunters, we got onto the topic of lighting solutions. Like the GhostStop backpack, lighting is a great last-minute gift idea because, while your investigator may have their own, it’s not hard for you to upgrade it, sight unseen.

For example, a headlamp flashlight is an excellent way for paranormal investigators to free up their hands for other tasks. Even better, this flashlight offers red lighting to facilitate pupil dilation and maximize your ghost hunter’s natural low-light vision. 

1. Phasm Night Vision Package 

Ghost Hunting Video cameras and lights
Phasm video camera and light package

Ok, so the prior two gifts are practical and valuable — but what if you want a gift that’s a little more impressive? We recommend that you go with this Phasm Night Vision Video & Lighting Package.

It includes the Phasm Camera, the Phasm Light, and a flexible tripod. These were made for ghost hunters, and they fit in perfectly with any ghost hunting gear — even if your paranormal investigator already has cameras and lighting they are always wanting more to cover more space!

These can be placed anywhere, providing a greater degree of coverage for your loved one’s investigations. If you want to take their breath away, go for this high-tech ghost hunting masterpiece.

3 NEW Equipment they don’t have yet.

So, how about something NEW to the ghost hunting front? Unless they’re quick on the trigger, here are some items that just came out. The chances they have these are slim.

3. Footstep Tracker

2. EVP Spike Sensor

1. Onvoy Ghost Box

Onvoy Ghost Box Communicator
Onvoy Ghost Box

As one of the newest pieces of tech to hit the stage – quite literally – Onvoy is making a big impression. Featured on GHOST HUNTERS and GHOST BROTHERS television shows recently, this impressive device has been used with amazing results on stage and off.

This unique device allows spirits a most simple and flexible way to communicate through words, phrases, numbers, emotions and yes or no answers.

As a grand choice, Onvoy is sure to put a sparkle of awe in their eye this holiday season.

Find the Best Gifts for Ghost Hunters

To find the best, last-minute gifts for paranormal enthusiasts, reach out to our team today by commenting below. Let us know your gift choices.

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