Ghost Hunting for Experts: 3 Tools and Tips

As a ghost hunter expert, you’re ready to take your paranormal investigations to the next level. The problem is, most online resources are geared toward newcomers to the field.

You may not be just another average paranormal hobbyist, but that doesn’t mean you won’t hit a rut every once in a while. Our suggestion? Coincidentally, we believe that experts should regularly return to the basics to ensure they have a strong foundation for a reliable strategy.

That way, you can focus on adapting this basic strategy to cover a variety of potential experiences. In this article, we consider what it takes to maximize your adaptability and effectiveness as a paranormal investigator.

3 Pro Ghost Hunting Tools to Cover Every Angle

Ghost hunting kit

No two ghost hunts are alike. Returning to your roots enables you to compare your learning to your experiences.

For example, as a newbie, you likely researched the best night vision ghost hunting cameras you’d need. But now that you have a few investigations under your belt, did you still find yourself missing valuable angles?

That’s because it’s nearly impossible to consider every demand you’ll meet in the field. That’s why we recommend 3 simple strategies that are adaptable to almost any situation:

  1. Cover Your Perimeter with Motion Sensors
  2. Cover Your Focal Point with a Many Cameras
  3. Monitor Environmental Meta-Data for Precise Investigations

Cover Your Perimeter with Motion Sensors

Whether you run a mobile or a stationary operation, you’ll want to be alerted to motion in your environment. Motion can be visual motion or sensing the physical changes like vibration. Something like the Footstep Tracker geophone is great for sensing small vibrations. Go with a standard motion sensor or trip sensor with in any area in which you suspect a high degree of activity.

For a step up use a 360 motion sensor to detect motion in all directions. These are all helpful in determining the comings and goings of your team beyond that of the paranormal.

How do you know if there is a lot of activity in one area? More on that in a moment.   

Cover Your Focal Point with a Many Cameras 

Your primary target may be a room, a building, or a ghost town — whichever it may be, you need eyes everywhere. Place Appropriately placing ghost video cameras in a central location and to cover all angles is essential to capture supporting footage. 

Again, this is also helpful in determining where your team was at all times of the investigation. As a result, if evidence is captured you can note who was where in narrowing down the source of evidence.

Mount all of your cameras to a flexible tripod, and you can place it anywhere and at any angle.

Monitor Environmental Meta-Data for Precise Investigations

Just as a nurse must check your vitals, you must be aware of environmental data that can guide your paranormal investigation. Track changes in temperature, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), pressure, and humidity with an assortment of environmental detection tools.

This is where all your meters come in useful in gauging the environment. From EMF meters and thermometers to light sensors and laser mapping, there are many options to choose from in monitoring environment changes.

In short, you’ll want to use as many of these detailed devices as you can to set a baseline reading. This set of readings is helpful for later comparing any spikes that show dramatic changes from the original.

This is how you make informed decisions about where to place your equipment!

Incorporating the 3 Expert Ghost Hunting Tips: Review

So walk the perimeter and take environmental readings. Then place motion sensors, cameras, and light grids in spaces with anomalous measurements.

How do you conduct a paranormal investigation? Do you walk, sit, talk, or stay silent?

In fact, it doesn’t matter. Form a simple strategy, equip yourself with adaptable gear, and make data-driven choices based on the evidence you gather. 

Become a Ghost Hunting Expert

To learn more expert ghost hunting techniques, and find the perfect equipment for your team, reach out to our team by commenting below.

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