You Can Own The Conjuring House.

Who wants to own a notorious part of paranormal history? The real-life Conjuring house is for sale and you could own it now for a mere $1.2 million or, at least, say you tried with an offer. In the current state of realty market, I’m going to make an educated guess that this is just the starting point for negotiations. That being said, I bet it ends up selling for even more.

The current owners, Cory and Jennifer Heinzen are paranormal investigators themselves who turned this home into a business through tours and investigation bookings. After the purchase of the property in 2019, the Heinzens opened up their doors to paranormal investigators and television production companies including Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures and Kindred Spirits. This home is well known throughout the paranormal field of researchers and horror fans as the house from The Conjuring.

The Conjuring House Property Photos
The Conjuring House Property Photos –

Over the years the notoriety of this property has helped the owners to build a solid tourism business garnering a respectable $125 per person booked solid with at least 6 heads well into the the next year and beyond. With a hefty log of bookings behind them it begs many to wonder why they would sell.

So, why the sudden sale? The Heinzens have owned the property barely over 2 years. Surely, they’ve seen some success and profit from the events and productions that have arisen in that time. If not from that, they’ll definitely see profit in a closed sale.

The main house has 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath with a total of 3,109 square feet. Located at 1677 Round Top Rd, Burrillville, Rhode Island, it sits on 8.5 acres of land, along with sheds and a barn. But that’s not all you’re buying. Some say it comes with free ghosts, if not demons or aliens depending on who you talk to.

The Heinzens purchased the property for $440,000. With a current listing price of cool $1.2 million, there’s plenty of reasons to have their spirits raised. Given the current housing market, that’s probably a good starting point considering the appeal this property might have for one wanting to continue and grow this home as a business. That’s a heck of a profit margin for the owners and their realtor. 

But is it really for sale?

Now, if you’re skeptical and have a bit of a mind for marketing, one might be inclined to consider the timing on this sale. Every year, around this Halloween time of year, realtor sites like and Zillow will host and/or promote ‘haunted’ homes for attention and clicks. Naturally, with the interest in all things ghostly during spooky season, companies might take advantage of this interest to get those clicks in. So, is the home actually for sale? I mean, the timing is rather impeccable with seasonality, recent release of another ‘Conjuring’ film and a strong seller market. No matter the reason, it’s hauntingly timely.

In an effort to be thorough, I notice the marketing photos used to sell the house are a considerably doctored to fall in line with the holiday. It doesn’t take much of a trained eye to determine some of these photos were clearly modified to set a darker tone. I mean, the sky is clearly darkened in just about all the listing photos and they even went so far as to Photoshop in some lightening and a flock of black birds. Was the graphic designer having a pumpkin-spice latte while working on this? Of course, I jest on that note. But, to be clear, these photos are definitely photoshopped with a healthy dose of marketing in the driver’s seat.

Since these same photos are used for the listing on multiple web sites, the photos used were provided by the listing agent. But on who’s direction? The sellers or their realtor… or a marketing company?

The Conjuring House for Sale
The Conjuring House for Sale Spooky Photos–

But no matter the reason, the choice to sell the home was the owner’s and a good realtor will market it to get the most out of the sale for the owners. If moves like this are what drives the price up, I respect that entirely.

The listing doesn’t shy away from the property being sold as a business. The price alone would rather drive only those interested in the business-side of this property rather than a home to retire to.

“The current caretakers have reported countless happenings in the house, and have turned overnight guest bookings and group events on the property into a steady successful business”

Agent Property Listing

The family states that this decision was primarily based on the necessity to care for a family member’s health conditions. It’s also understood amongst the family and beyond that there is great deal of respect, attention and care needed to maintain this house – speaking both physically and spiritually. It’s no secret that the last few years have been trying for family health, travel tourism and paranormal events. It only seems responsible to take a step back to ensure the safety of your family, no matter the cost.

Beyond care for the home, the sheer responsibility imposed by the paranormal research field might cause one to always feel on egg shells. The phrase, “buyer beware” has never been more haunting than in regard to this home.

We can only hope that the next owner is one that takes great care and responsibility of this notable piece of paranormal history, research and lore.

Are you up to it?

Honestly, anyone with a good bit of marketing know-how will probably do well, financially, just picking up where they left off. But there is a heavy weight to be carried along with it. 

You can own a piece of paranormal world for $1.2 million, plus FREE ghosts for a limited time. But are you ready for the responsibility?

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