Phasm: The New Powerhouse Ghost Hunting Camera

The Best Night Vision Camera

Yo! GhostStop has shaken the paranormal world, once again, with an insanely awesome feature-packed camera. To describe all its awesomeness in one paragraph is a little tough. But imagine for a moment, if you will, taking all your years of experience – say twenty years worth – then smashing all of that knowledge into one device. That is the Phasm line, a combination of Phasm Cam and Phasm Light are built to do many jobs and snap together with ease.

Like the ultimate Power Ranger or Voltron of the ghost hunting world, Phasm combines two powerhouse products to create one beast of a camera and lighting system that magnetize together.

Built-In Night Vision

This full spectrum camera features infrared (IR) light built right into the front of the camera. If you’re not familiar, infrared light is required for night vision cameras to operate. For most cameras on the market, this means getting a separate light, a bracket to attach them together and maybe even an adapter or two to make it work securely.

Enter Phasm Camera to change all of that.

Phasm Cam includes infrared LEDs right on the camera. In short, it can see in night vision right out of the box without the need for any other accessories. Because of the compact size of the camera, however, the onboard light is someone limited. But, have no fear, you’re also armed with Phasm Light that attaches right to the video camera to project a monster-size blast of light.

Now add Phasm Light to the mix.

Magnetic Mounting

Want to crank of the light a bit? How ’bout a lot? You got it. Phasm Light was specifically built as a counterpart to Phasm Cam that zaps right onto the bottom with magnetic power. The combined power of the two partners allow amazing results to see in total darkness for long distances, in a wide angle and with unbeatable quality.

Gone are the days of fumbling around in the dark trying to find a certain bracket with the magical adapter needed to combine lights and cameras. It can sometimes feel like matching Cinderella to the right shoe – and doing it in the dark. This is an awesome new idea thought up by the GhostStop crew not seen in any other camera on the market.

Built for Ghost Hunting

This truly is the first ever camera designed especially for paranormal investigators by investigators from the ground up. And this is clearly evident in the features from the low light lens system to the ease of mounting everything. Everything is designed for optimal performance and ease in low lighting situations. It’s as if the makers knew the trouble it can be to setup things in the dark – because they do!

To summarize, I’ve used just about every night vision camcorder on the market and this one is the new bad boy at the party.

More information about the Phasm Camera & Phasm Light by GhostStop

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