Phasm is out to light the stage.

GhostStop, the ghost hunting industry’s go-to shop for gear, just announced a new ghost hunting light the to the paranormal to the ghost hunting world. As a long-time investigator, myself, I’ve used just about every camera light out there. I spent way too much money over the years trying to find the best one for investigations. I’ve got infrared lights (for night vision), full spectrum lights, various color lights…. you name it. Every one of them serve very specific purposes and each have their quirks and shortcomings.

Phasm Night Vision Light

Some lights on the market eat batteries for breakfast making it imperative to keep a stash of batteries on-hand. Many lights provide only a spot of light or are good only for short distances. And all lights I’ve used really serve only one purpose. If you’re shooting for different light or swapping cameras, you need a different light.

I’ve been waiting for a light that does it all.

Enter: Phasm light to the stage.

This handheld light, created by GhostStop, is a night vision light and full spectrum illuminator with features that provide a solution to just about every shortcoming I’ve come across. Plus some surprising features that are super helpful for paranormal investigators. It’s like they took all of my hopes and wishes, baked it all into a cake and then added some icing with sprinkles. Mmm… sprinkles.

The result is a stunning full spectrum and night vision light with full control over it all. The front of the light is a wide array of lighting including infrared (IR) for night vision, ultraviolet (UV) and a selection of colors to choose from. On the back is all the controls and a display. Each set of lights is independently controlled so you can use just one or all of them at the same time. You can also adjust the brightness and monitor the settings and battery life on the lighted digital display.

More power, captain! Speaking of power, this thing is rechargeable. Thank the maker! Having gone through so many packs of batteries in my time investigating, this alone is a cost saver. It plugs in with a USB cable to charge and testing shows it can go a good 6-16 hours (depending on settings). Since Phasm can charge while it’s being used, you can keep it going nonstop via a nearby outlet or USB power pack. Let’s say you’re using it on a stationary tripod for an overnight 24-hour investigation: if you’ve got a power outlet nearby, plug right into that and it’ll go for an unlimited amount of hours.

As if all of those features weren’t enough, GhostStop stepped it up a bit further by adding a super-unique idea to the mix with magnets. Wait. Magnets? Yep. Magnets. This brilliantly simple idea allows you to mount lights together like a Lego structure. Since they’ll attach to most metals, you can stick it up on the fridge or a metal lamp (like in this demo video) if there’s no tripod handy. How brilliant is that? GhostStop also says there might be line of accessories with magnetic attachments in our future that we’ll be able to add to Phasm. I’m just imagining now the Monster Structure of Gadget Awesomeness we’ll be able to create with this idea!

More info: Phasm Light

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