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Shooting Ghost Videos

Individual paranormal videos can certainly be called into question, but thirty years after the introduction of the first home video cameras nearly all paranormal investigators agree that it is possible to capture images of ghosts on good video equipment.   The keys to shooting a good paranormal video are proper planning, good video equipment, and a lot of persistence.

Persistence is underrated by many newbies, because even professional ghost hunters sometimes go through hitless streaks that sometimes last weeks.  For a beginner to expect that their first time out they’re going to capture an amazing ghost video is almost always wishful thinking.  Even if they have done their research and they are in a good location, they almost always are so surprised that they screw the shot up.

In Hollywood this happens ten thousand times a day, but paranormal investigators can’t usually get a ghost or shadow man to give it another take.

Of course, there are apparently some big time directors that have the same problem with Christian Bale and they are paying him, so don’t expect ghost, shadow men, or grays to be anymore cooperative.

Analyzing Paranormal Video

If you are ever interested in capturing ghosts, shadow men, or other paranormal activity you might consider following along with professional paranormal investigators.  It’s pretty easy to contact investigators or ghost hunting clubs online.  Just let them know that you are trying to learn the craft and you are willing to help in any way that you can if they will let you tag along on an investigation. Usually, they will be happy to show you the ropes.

One of the most important things to learn is the difference between a standard video malfunction and an authentic paranormal anomaly. Sadly, paranormal videos and photos are often hoaxes, so it’s important for serious paranormal investigators to carefully validate any footage and eliminate all of the normal possibilities for an unusual shot.

The most important thing that you can do if you think you have captured paranormal activity on video is to pull yourself back and ask yourself what you would think of the shot if someone else brought it to you.  Be skeptical of your eyes and your equipment, because when you make claims that you have paranormal evidence you are essentially inviting attacks from so-called skeptics on your honesty, character, and sanity.  These guys will slime you in the media, so be prepared, and don’t give them an easy case to attack.

There are several important steps to follow before jumping to the conclusion that you’ve captured video of a ghost.  Carefully following these steps will help establish or discredit the authenticity of the video, and will also help you avoid the possibility of looking ridiculous down the road when the video is revealed as just a normal technical aberration.  These are the steps that the best professional ghost hunters follow

Simple Steps to Authenticate Your Video

  • Have your video camera checked by a professional repairman, but don’t tell him why you are having the equipment checked.  People are so scared of being labeled as nuts that they often will look for excuses to keep from helping anyone involved in ghost hunting.
  • When working inside turn off any fans or even worse central air or heating, because when they units kick on the often stir up dust or insects that might seem to be ghost orbs.
  • Check other equipment and carefully record the results for gauges and monitors.  If you used other cameras be sure and check them.  Having the same image appear in a traditional photo and a digital version is the gold standard.
  • When you get home convert the footage to frames and try to zoom in on the paranormal effect with your video editing program.  A good video editing program such as Final Cut Pro is critical for anyone interested in being a serious paranormal investigator.  Remember, to make backups BEFORE you do any editing.
  • If the shot really shows extraordinary paranormal activity get it checked by a professional video forensic specialist.
  • It’s important to always look first for simple answers to the anomalies on your paranormal videos rather than immediately attribute anomalies as ghosts.

Examples of Paranormal Videos

When it comes to strange effects appearing on video, sometimes authentic ghost videos are captured.  At times, these videos are impressive enough to wind up on the local or national news.  Below are a few examples of cases where the ghost videos are so convincing that even years later, no one can explain the images that were captured.

The Hampton Court Palace Ghost

One of the most famous paranormal ghost  videos to hit the world news media in December of 2003 was the Hampton Court Palace video.  The Hampton Court Palace staff reported capturing a  ghost on their closed-circuit security cameras.

The video recorded a ghostly figure of a man walking out of a dark doorway with one hand outstretched and an unnaturally white face almost glowing in the middle of the grainy closed-circuit video stream. Frames from the video spread across the Internet like wildfire.

The palace already had a reputation for being haunted, and it’s history suggests that a haunting is not out of the question. Jane Seymour, King Henry VIII’s third wife, died while giving birth at the castle.  Additionally, the palace served as a prison for King Henry’s fifth wife and King Charles I.   They were both executed by beheading afterwards.

The Williard Library

The Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana is the oldest public library in the state. The building is over 110 years old, and it is a stunning gothic structure standing against the sky.  Even standing on the outside, the building is ominous.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), investigators from the Multi-Energy Sensor Array (MESA), and other investigators monitored the library for ghosts due to its reputation for producing many ghost sightings.

Patrons of the library report several ghosts, including the famous Lady in Grey. She appears at times in period clothing browsing the bookshelves, and other times she appears alongside other ghosts.

What makes the Williard Library unique is that the library staff placed web cameras throughout the library. These cameras are specifically in the children’s room, the basement and the research room where most of the haunting activity is reported.

Williard library allows Internet visitors the opportunity to possibly view the reported spirits via these web cams. The video frames update every 20 seconds.

The Courier Press set up an entire library of video captures from the cameras. Many of the video snapshots feature eerie images of “The Grey Lady” ghost. If you watch the live feed long enough, you may actually see one of the Willard Library ghosts yourself.

Ghost Hunters Capture Ghost Videos

Some of the best scary ghost videos come from the many paranormal research groups conducting investigations at haunted locations around the country. These investigations almost always include video cameras and other recording equipment, so the field reports they issue once the investigations are complete usually provide either raw video footage or snapshots of the most impressive frames.

Below are some examples of the sort of evidence ghost hunters often capture.

  • Ghost Chasers International in Lexington Kentucky
    • An Orb appears at The Bell House
    • Ghostly voice at Springhill Winery Plantation says “Coffee, Coffee.”
    • Anomaly passes behind Patti at the local police station
    • Two anomalies travel from the cellar ceiling to the floor at the Planters Row Golf Course
    • Impressive dual device recording of a small girl saying “I’ve been sittin’ here all day…”
  • Paranormal Activity Investigators of Kansas
    • A smoky mist moving on the stairs at a private home
    • A bridge starts to sway at the Catacombs haunted house
    • Anomalies float around the Villisca Axe Murder House
    • Several orbs move around a private residence

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