A revolutionary ghost box is here to save the day – Onvoy.

Look, we all know there are a bunch of apps and a few word-producing devices on the market for ghost hunters. You hear them on TV and there is no shortage of them on the mobile app stores. If you go to ghost hunts, chances are you have heard at least one electronic voice saying random words. If you’re like me, you may have rolled your eyes a few times hearing someone crying out with excitement, “it just said, DEMON!”.

Now, I don’t want to spend a whole bunch of time kicking those devices and apps in the teeth or calling them out. So, here it is in summary. There is no app or device that speaks full words that can actually fully explain how those words came about without using the word ‘random’ and replicate the results. None.

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Now, enter Onvoy to clear things up.

Onvoy is a new ghost box just released by GhostStop. It seems well thought through and developed primarily to offer a way for ghost to deliver messages in a whole new way that we can stand by. Really, you should watch the Onvoy video intro as it does a real good job of describing what it does on its own. In short, it will display words, sentences, emotions (by way of icons) and numbers. It also has a yes/no picker.

The glaring difference between how this works and other devices, like the Ovilus, is in how transparently it functions. It doesn’t have the ability to speak random words because it has no word bank built in. Each selection is made through a scanning process combined with multiple environmental sensors. You can actually see what is happening as it progresses and HOW each letter is chosen. In the end, if you get a word, you’ll know exactly how it was achieved.

How it works.

The Onvoy device scans over a set of choices that can be selected. It also has 3 main sensors that are scanning for spikes in energy (EMF), temperature and vibration. As the curser hovers over a choice, when a spike in any one of those sensors takes place, a choice is made and saved. It even indicates which sensor triggered the choice.

For example:
When in Alphabet Mode, the curser will move from one letter to the next while looking for changes in the environment. If a spike happens while the curser is set on the letter “G” then “G” is chosen, saved and begins scanning again until the next spike and selection. As you progress, words or phrases may form – and that’s what we’re looking for.

You’ll see each letter chosen as spikes occur. You can even tap the device to demonstrate how it works. This allows you to show ghosts a quick introduction how they can use it on each investigation AND proves to us that these selections are legitimately chosen by the environment. Therein lies how the Onvoy respects the scientific method that mandates being able to replicate the results. Again, this is something no other word-producing device can muster.

Ultimately, there are NO WORDS programmed into this device. No databases, no word banks. As such, you can be sure each word that does come up has a very specific external cause – not programming. Because of this, Onvoy may not be as instantly gratifying as the mildly entertaining word-spitters. But if you’ve been investigating for a while you understand that these things take time. Anyone expecting to achieve earth-shattering results in the first hour of their first investigation may go home a little disappointed. And this device is not for the fun-seekers.

Onvoy is for investigators serious about finding real answers on their investigations – for them and their clients.

Various Modes to Choose From

Onvoy features a few modes you can employ to garner responses on your investigations.

  • Alphabet Mode: Scans through a set of letters to produce words and phrases.
  • Yes/No Mode: Toggles back and forth between YES and NO waiting for a choice.
  • Numbers Mode: Scans through numbers from zero to 9.
  • Emoji Mode: Scans through a set of icons representing emotions like happy, sad, angry, scared and more.
  • Detail Mode: Displays a detail of each sensor so you can verify.

Controls for Control Feaks

I’m generally considered one of those control freaks, myself. In my opinion, one of the coolest features of the Onvoy is all the control over settings. You can adjust the speed at which is scans and turn on/off each sensor to suit the investigation. You can even adjust their sensitivity independently.

Maybe you want to walk around with the Onvoy. No problem. Even though the device uses a motion (vibration) sensor you can simply turn that sensor down (or off completely) so you can walk around without it going off every second. Maybe you’re investigating right next to a furnace? Sounds comfy. But if that poses a problem with the EMF or temp sensors, no problem. Just turn them down or off.

Some Experiments to Try

As I think about how our team will be using our Onvoy, I got to thinking about a bunch of ways this could be used. As the manufacture says, the ultimate flexibility of this device leaves it super open-ended with many ways to use it. So, let’s talk about a few ways it can be used beyond the obvious, “what’s your name?” and then waiting for it to spell a name. Here’s a few we thought of:

  • Start a word and see if the ghost can finish it. Maybe type (tap) the first few letters of a word and see what happens.
  • If you happen to already know the name of a spirit on your investigation, try typing out their first name. See if they finish with their last name or initial. Or might they interrupt with another name?
  • Make faces at each other. Since Onvoy has the face icons, put those to work. Maybe make a ‘Angry’ face yourself and see if they match or how they respond.
  • Can they math? Present a simple math problem and see if they select the result. Say, “What is 2 + 2?” What is the result?
Onvoy Ghost Box Communicator

What else? Tell me your ideas!

I’m super interested in how creative people might get with their Onvoy. Let me know in the comments below.

Bottom Line: Onvoy will be a major tool in the kit of every serious investigator

I’m super confident Onvoy will change things up quite a bit. Firstly, it will help get more articulate responses and more information from spirits on our investigations. Secondly, it will help demonstrate to those entities how they can more easily communicate effectively with us. Thirdly (and probably not lastly), it will help prove HOW these communications take place through this whole rigorous concept of transparency.

So, take your investigations to the next level with the Onvoy Ghost Communicator by GhostStop.

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