Gift Guide for Ghost Hunters

Do you have a ghost hunter in your life? Want to put a smile on their face for Christmas? Ghost hunting equipment is a sure win no matter the occasion! If you’ve been looking around at all the gear and are not sure what products to put under the tree, you’ve stopped by the right place.

What are the best gifts for ghost hunters?

Here is some of the best ghost hunting equipment for 2023 for the starter ghost hunter right up to the pro paranormal investigator. For sure, these will all make a great gift no matter what interest level they may be at.

Ghost Hunting Equipment for Beginners

For someone just starting out in ghost hunting there are a few staple tools they will need. This includes an audio recorder, EMF meter, flashlight and maybe even a case to put it in. This is equipment we’ve picked out for starter ghost hunters and young enthusiasts. These items are great for someone interested in getting started with ghost hunting but might not have much (if any) equipment yet. Some of these are staple pieces of equipment every beginner needs at some point.

EMF meter for ghost hunting

    EMF ‘E.L.F.’ Meter – an budget-friendly energy sensor great for the young ones.

$$   K2 EMF Meter – a the traditional choice for many investigators starting out as it is commonly recognized as those used on popular TV shows.

$    EVP Wrist Recorder 3 – audio recorder you can wear. Without a doubt, audio recording is a necessity for any investigation. As such, this tool is great for the starter all the way up to the pro because it’s easy to use and records great quality audio.

EVP Recorder Wrist Band
EVP recorder wrist band for ghost hunting

$     Motion Sensor – a motion sensor detects motion in the room and alerts the investigator.

$    BooBuddy Junior EMF Bear – this little boo bear detects energy changes just like an EMF meter within a bear. Alternatively, there is another model (see below) that also talks and does much more.

For Experienced Ghost Hunters

Ghost hunters LOVE getting new gear. We’ve picked out some of the best tools every investigator should have in their arsenal. These are great for someone who has been investigating a while and has a few tools already.

SBox Ghost Box
SBox spirit box for ghost hunting

$     Rook EMF Meter – the EMF meter with sound and some great features. In fact, it’s a step up from the traditional meters and will be used for many years to come as a staple tool in any investigator’s case. Plus, it looks darn cool and comes with a carry case.

$$   SBox Ghost Box – this spirit box allows potential voices to come through a radio sweep which ghost hunters often use for communicating. Additionally, this model features a number of great bonus features like built-in recording, flashlight, rechargeable battery and speed adjustments.

$$   Mel Meter – this digital EMF meter also includes temperature readings. Certainly, Mel meters are a great step up from the beginner meters such as the K2 and ELF.

$    EVP Wrist Recorder 3 – the EVP wrist recorder is an audio recorder you can wear. We list this again because every investigator always wants a good recorder on hand. Quite literally, this handy device puts great recording at hand. Without reservation, this band is great for the beginner all the way up to the pro.

Phasm Ghost Hunting Video Camera
Video camera kit for ghost hunting

$$  BooBuddy Interactive Bear – it may sound odd to use a teddy bear on ghost hunts. However, this bear is FULL of features hidden behind the cute face. In fact, this bear does what a lot of the other tools do – but all in one package. Oh, and it talks! Just take a look at BooBuddy for an all-in-one tool that ghost hunters absolutely adore. Indeed, there are just way too many features to list here. Watch the VIDEO!

$$    Phasm Camera – full spectrum video camera which is able to see in complete darkness used by paranormal investigators on cases. Some might say it’s a lot like a GoPro in quality and size but with BUILT-IN night vision capability, magnetic mounting and so much more. As such, this is definitely not your typical off-the-shelf camcorder clone.

$$   SB7 Spirit Box – this ghost box sweeps radio frequencies that ghost hunters might use for communicating.

$    Laser Grid Pen – fill the room with laser dots making it easier to spot ghosts and visual anomalies in the room. Also, there’s an added bonus: the cats will go crazy for it.

For the Pro Investigator

Unquestionably, experienced and pro ghost hunters just love new gear. The pro ghost hunter is someone who probably has a case of equipment already. Furthermore, they’ll never turn down some new gear to use. Therefore, here is some new or recently advanced gear that even the long-time pro may not even have yet – but definitely wants.

Onvoy Ghost Box Communicator
Onvoy ghost box

$$$   Onvoy Ghost Box Communicator NEW! – This unique device allows spirits a most simple and flexible way to communicate through words, phrases, numbers, emotions and yes or no answers.

$$$   Zoom EVP Audio Recorder – High quality 360-degree audio recording and many features for full control.

$$     SB11 Spirit Box – It’s like the SB7 but with dual sweep, temperature functions and additional points of control.

$$$  BooBuddy Interactive Bear – It may sound odd to use a teddy bear on ghost hunts, but this bear is FULL of features hidden behind the cute face. This bear does what a lot of the other tools do – but all in one package. Oh, and it talks. Take a look at BooBuddy for an all-in-one tool that ghost hunters absolutely adore. There are just way too many features to list here. Watch the VIDEO!

Backpack for ghost hunting equipment

$$   Gear Backpack NEW! – For the ghost hunter that seems to have ALL the tools, they need something to easily carry it all. Right here is the ultimate gear case for ghost hunting equipment with tons of features for organizing, easy accessibility and protecting all their tools.

$      Do-It-Yourself EMF Kit – A little kit that allows you to build your own EMF meter into whatever you want with just a little assembly. This gives the pro ghost hunter the ability to build something unique of their own creation. As such, this is great for someone who loves to tinker with electronics. But it’s not too intimidating or problematic to build.

$$$   Video Camera with Light Package – Night vision camcorder which is able to see in complete darkness used by paranormal investigators on cases. Package includes a multi-mode light and mounting needed for great shots.

$$$   Flir Thermal Camera – Thermal camera is a high-tech camera that detects temperature changes and converts it into a visual heat map. A thermal camera is, generally, a highly coveted tool to have on a team. There’s also a model you can attach to your phone.

Ghost Hunting Kits: Ready to Go

To make things even easier, here are a few ready-made kits already put together. These packages are put together with tools that compliment each other well to suit various budgets.

Ghost hunting kit

$        Starter ghost hunting kit – Some basics great for the young starter.

$    Learner ghost hunting kit – Includes a book for learning the ropes and the popular, traditional K2 meter.

$$     Ghost box kit – Features some of the most popular such as a ghost box and a higher-end EMF meter.

$$$   Pro ghost hunting kit NEW! – Kit includes some of the NEWEST gear even the seasoned pro might not even have. This is great for the vet investigator who already has a full case and will add this to their arsenal.

What Gift to Buy for the Ghost Hunter that Has it All?

You know those guys. The ones with all the tech – the latest and greatest. For them, check out all the new ghost hunting equipment recently released. There is sure to be something on this list released so recently that there’s a good chance they don’t have it. Here’s another idea: get them a ghost hunting case or backpack to put it all in. We’re always looking for easy ways to lug our gear.

Fun Gifts for Ghost Hunters

Ghost orb necklace

$   Ghost in a Bottle NEW! – Cute ghost necklace that is sure to be a spooky fashion statement and conversation starter.

$   Ghostly Wood Ornaments Limited for Christmas! – For your Christmas tree or any holiday display, there are 3 actual wood carved ornaments to choose from. Better yet, collect them all!

$   Orb Charm Necklace – For one who loves unique jewelry and everything ghostly, this is a masterful choice.

$   Ghost Emoji Stress Reliever – Whether something for display on your desk or to take a beating releasing stress, this little ghost emoji is a familiar choice loved by all.

$   Keychains and other small stocking stuffers

In summary, if you have anyone in your family or circle of friends that enjoy paranormal, there is something here for everyone. No matter their experience level, you’ll be sure to put a smile on their face.

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