TOP 10 Gear Guide for Ghost Hunters

As you might imagine, we use a lot of ghost hunting gear and follow what’s going on with gear trends and makers quite closely. We follow what is popping up new, test out all of it and offer our advice with our listing of the best gear for 2022 for the starter ghost hunter right up to the pro paranormal investigator.

BEWARE: Be mindful of other articles that list TOP equipment when all the links go to Amazon. Those articles only exist because they get a commission from Amazon links. They don’t care what equipment is best for you. We do. This list is curated by actual investigators who have done this for over 20 years with links that go right to the makers or Google so you can make your own choice on where to buy. Support small business!

TOP 10 Ghost Hunting Equipment

Onvoy Ghost Box Communicator

$$   Onvoy Ghost Box – Designed specifically for paranormal investigations, this unique tool presents entities with a simple and flexible way to communicate with us. Through wordsphrasesnumbersemotions and yes or no answers Onvoy presents a new and uniquely simple, transparent and documentable way to communicate with what’s beyond.

$     SBox Ghost Scanner Spirit Box – the SBox Ghost Scanner is a spirit box radio frequency sweep scanner with recorder built right in. It’s like having a SB7 spirit box plus a recorder and many new features all in one sleek-looking tool. This makes the perfect gift for any new and pro investigator as it has just been released.

$     Rook EMF Meter – the EMF meter with sound and some great features. Plus, it looks darn cool and comes with a padded carry case case (at the time of writing this).


$$   BooBuddy Interactive Bear – it may sound odd to use a teddy bear on ghost hunts, but this bear is FULL of features hidden behind the cute face. This bear does what a lot of the other tools do – but all in one package. Oh, and it talks. Take a look at BooBuddy for an all-in-one tool that ghost hunters absolutely adore. There are just way too many features to list here. Watch the VIDEO!

$-$$$   GS1 and GS2 Laser Grids – this is what a laser grid is meant to be. The GS1 laser grid system has been around over a decade and but still holds true as one of the best ways to capture and document video evidence with clarity and spacial information. This unit is the reason the commonly-seen dots pen has been referred to as a laser grid, even though it’s not a grid at all. It all started with the GS1.

Ghost Hunting Video cameras and lights

$$    Phasm Cam – this camcorder is full spectrum which is able to see in complete darkness used by paranormal investigators on cases. It’s a lot like a GoPro in quality and size but with full spectrum night vision capability. Additionally, it features a unique magnetic mounting system allowing for easily attaching its counterpart, Phasm Light, for the ultimate rig. This is definitely not your typical off-the-shelf camcorder clone. This video camera is specifically made with specs we need as investigators designed by real, experienced investigators.

$   Phasm Light – Get all the light you need in the palm of your hand with the powerful and versatile light for full spectrum night vision, ultraviolet and various colors. You can select which time of light you want to use to suite the scene and control it all via settings on the back. The coolest part is the magnetic mounts. Yep, magnets. You’ve got to see it to believe it. There’s no light on the market that offers this many options all in one device.

$$  Flux 2 – Get clear responses that you can see and hear during an investigation. Just set it down, ask simple questions, and await a response. You can choose to ask a question with a Yes/No answer, or any other close-ended questions of your choice. Answers to your questions are indicated with a tone and either a Red or Green light.


$     EVP Wrist Recorder 3 – the EVP wrist recorder is an audio recorder you can wear. Audio recording is a necessity for any investigation. This band is great for the starter all the way up to the pro because it’s easy to use and records great quality audio. Even though it’s compact the quality is competitive with some of the high-end, more expensive recorders. We use this for everything.

$$   Mel Meter – this digital EMF meter also includes temperature readings. Mel meters are a great step up from the beginner meters such as the K2 and ELF.

What to watch for…

There is always new equipment on the horizon. Though there are a handful of traditional makers of ghost hunting equipment, only a few continue to be coming up with new ideas. One, in particular, is GhostStop. They are always announcing something new and advanced. We have spoken to Shawn who informs us that a great, new evolution is right around the corner – potentially later this year.

To keep up with them follow them on their Facebook page and signup for their email newsletter (always a great source for gear news, sales, events and more).

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