Footstep Tracker Geophone Vibration Sensor

As a paranormal investigator it’s become almost commonplace to hear claims of footsteps or moving objects. Out of all the cases we’ve done, as I run them all through my head, I can say rather confidently that a large percentage of them included such a description. Now, the hard part has always been – how do you document that? Sure, an audio recorder to capture the sound is great. A video camera, if you’re trying to find out if it is a real person or coupled with something visual is helpful. But how does one actually register and note the actual physical activity?

This is where the Footstep Tracker comes into play as a primary tool for ghost hunting. This device utilizes a super sensitive geophone sensor which is used in detecting vibration. This particular device uses the same technology used in detecting and documenting earthquakes and similar sensitive research. A reading from this sensor is displayed on a lighted readout for reporting paranormal activity.

Just place it down in an area you expect to collect vibration-related activity and wait for the readout to light up. Naturally, if no one is around and you cannot find a logical reason for motion on this surface, it stands to reason that there may have been a paranormal cause to this motion. Of course, to do your due diligence as an investigator, you must work to rule out all potential causes.

Light Bar Readout and Display

The top of the device includes a color light bar. When vibration is detected, the bar will light up in a bright white. This is purposed to catch your attention in a dark room. This gives you a chance to look over and check the device for additional details.

Marking Noteable Events

The lighted bar, aside from the live readings, will also mark the top end of the last spike. This colored marker will be a color range from green or yellow for small changes to orange and red on the highest point. This will stay light for a little bit – long enough to give you a chance to look over and note the position.

Vibration Event Logging

Below the light bar is a lighted text display. This lighted box will show a number of events for your documentation. Every time there is an event the display will add one to that number. The key purpose of this is to log the number of events that have taken place in the event you were not able to see it at the time it happened. This way you don’t have to sit in front of the unit staring at it all night. Just set it down and let it do it’s job detecting motion.

As you might imagine, this will come in super helpful in an empty room. Set the unit down in an empty room and leave it be. Note the number of events as you leave the room. Of course, if you come back to the room later and the event log is higher than it was, you may have something noteable to have occurred. Again, you’ll just want to ensure no one entered the room while you were away and rule out any other potential natural causes.

Top Pick Ghost Hunting Equipment

The Footstep Tracker 2 is about as essential as you get along with staples like an EVP recorder. As mentioned, claims like footsteps, walking and moving furniture or objects are highly common claims on investigation requests. As such, this tool is imperative for detecting and quantifying the physical changes caused by these reports. Reviews across the board have been stellar and we’re confident you’ll find lots of use with the Footstep Tracker 2.

More information on the Footstep Tracker 2 by GhostStop

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