GS2 Laser Grid System

GS2 Laser Grid
GS2 Laser Grid for ghost hunting

With progress comes a time to expand your search and explore further. Meet GS2: the most feature-packed laser grid system for ghost hunting all in one package. The original GS1 was the first laser grid product created by GhostStop many years ago. Over the years, it has become an essential tool for investigators. Now, the GS2 takes us even further with more features for visualizing changes in the environment now coupled with an array of sensors for precision measurement, alerts and event tracking. This laser grid mapping system detects motion, direction, distance, temperature and shape within the laser-mapped area. It starts by logging baseline readings then begins scanning the grid for changes and logging notable events. GS2 is a surge forward in precision measurement and ease for paranormal investigators.

Shed a new beam of light on your investigations with the GS2 Laser Grid System.

The GS2 first appeared on the first season of Ghost Nation on Travel Channel in 2019. This first appearance was a prototype of the product which evolved into the final product we see today. In its first appearance the team including Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango saw the GS2 alert to a presence in the house near the stairs. This helped the team narrow down where the entity was located and confirm other evidence captured for presentation to the family.

The next evolution of the first major product, the GS1 Laser Grid, is now here and it’s packed with features. The GS2 now combines the concept of the original laser grid projection system with an array of multiple precision sensors to shed light on more information about an entity than ever before. Plus, it’s all built and designed by veteran investigators with a passion for thorough, quality detection that’s easy to use.

GS2 Laser Grid VIDEO Overview

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