Ghost Hunting Kits for Ghost Hunters

ghost hunting kitsYour ghost hunting kit can be as cheap or as expensive as your budget can bear. However, the real key is not how much you spend – it is only spending the money on items that you have a real plan of how to use.

There is a variety or analog and electronic equipment to detect or record ghostly haunting, sounds or other paranormal happenings, but you don’t have to have all of the equipment possible when you start, and, in fact, it is probably best to start you ghost hunting kit with the basics and add additional equipment after you master the equipment you already own.

Obviously, cameras, particularly a good digital camcorder, is a critical component, but there is also room in a ghost hunter’s kit for a digital still camera, night vision camera or night vision camcorder, a thermal imaging camera or thermal imaging camcorder, and even a good old 35mm still camera. However, you don’t have to start with all of them and in fact too much equipment can actually be an encumbrance.

Buy what you need, but don’t load yourself up with piles of equipment that keeps you from being able to move quickly, quietly, and safely, because often it is critical to be able to move to get a great shot.

Digital recorders are also popular for ghost hunting. These try to capture EVP’s or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, sounds that are considered to be from the other side. They are also useful for taking notes during an investigation.

You can use almost any cheap digital recorder, but eventually you may want to move up to more complicated recorders that can accommodate multiple microphones and record a variety of locations to a device in a central location. These get expensive in a hurry, but they are much more effective than simply leaving a tape recorder in a room.

Also, remember that the microphone is really the critical component to any audio recording and you can quickly spend a fortune on mics, but in the long run most serious ghost hunters realize that quality microphones are worth the price.

Electromagnetic Field Meters, also known as EMF meters are a piece of equipment that is used for detecting changes in the electromagnetic field of a given location and they are a critical addition to the kit of most ghost hunters.

Sometimes you come across cold spots and you want to be able to eliminate any possibilities that it is coming from an open window or leaky door. To find these you would want to invest in a infrared thermometer and more serious and wealthy ghost hunters, usually eventually buy a thermal imaging camera. These are not cheap, but because they look beyond the visible spectrum they often reveal images not visible to the naked eye.

ghost hunting kitsAnother must have piece of gear is some sort of container to hold all your gizmos and gadgets. If you want to get off cheap, you can just buy an inexpensive metal briefcase at home depot to store your gear. But most of the equipment used in paranormal investigations is somewhat delicate – so if you really want to protect your investment I would recommend purchasing a Pelican Case.

These hard plastic cases come in multiple sizes – they are waterproof, practically indestructible and come with foam insets that you can carve out to hold your precious gear snugly in place.

Of course all of this gear requires lots and lots of batteries, because many ghost hunters find that their batteries tend to get drained quickly when ghosts are manifesting so having a few extra sets handy is a must. And don’t forget the really mundane stuff like pens, notebooks, and flashlights.

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  1. Sara says:

    I just started putting my kit together. I can’t tell you how much fun it is. I plan on clearing a shelf in my basement and dedicating it to my gear.

    Currently saving up for a multi-camera video rig so I can monitor several rooms at the same time like the pros do.

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