The First True Laser Grid for Ghost Hunting

Now here’s a new piece of equipment that changes the whole game. We’re not kidding!

Laser Grid Ghost Hunting Equipment and Gear

Most people in the paranormal field are quite familiar with the green ‘laser grid’ that fills the room with hundreds of green dots, right? Well, this new laser grid takes that idea to a whole new level. Shawn, of, has been working with lasers for visual detection and mapping of visual anomalies for over a decade. The green dots laser was originally his concept he used on investigations to more easily detect when and if something moved in front of a camera. His original idea even at the beginning was to use a graphed grid pattern but it just wasn’t possible at the time. Well he figured it out recently!

Even though the model that became widely popular used dots it was still called a ‘laser grid’ because that’s what Shawn was working toward. Well, the long-awaiting TRUE laser grid is complete and proving to have great results.

So why is this so revolutionary?

Anyone who has been investigating for a while knows full well that photo and video documentation is usually tough to decipher. The images are usually blurry and hard to make out. Well, imagine having the ability to document all physical aspects of a ghost. This laser will do exactly that. Crazy, eh? This new laser grid system can tell us speed, dimensions and even help us make a 3D model of the anomaly. By using a grid pattern of lines instead of dots one can see the shap of the object because the lines bow and form against the surface of the anomaly – assuming it has enough mass to reflect the light. Just place the laser grid in an area projecting onto a solid surface. For best results, set it next to a video camera. This reflected surface pattern will allow you to map out the anomaly in 3 dimensions – something never before done in the paranormal field.

We really think this is going to change the whole field.









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