Ghost Caught on Camera

Ghosts caught on camera - orbsThere is a huge debate amongst the skeptics and the paranormal enthusiast. Can orbs be caught on camera or are orbs actually ghosts. There has been proof that orbs that show on pictures can be nothing more than dust, air borne pollen, or bugs.

The invention of the digital camera have really introduced this into the forefront. The flash has been found to have a reaction to dust, air borne pollen and even bugs. When the picture is analyzed they appear on the picture as orbs.

This has cause some real intense skepticism toward orb pictures, so much so, many large based and experience ghost hunting websites have now forbidden the submission of orb pictures. These website are looking for creditability in the paranormal realm, and if they chose to back these types of photos, their creditability is in danger.

I too understand that backing this type of evidence can be extremely hard, because there are now some many know tangibles that are associated when evaluating a orb picture. With this said, there are actual orb pictures out there, but finding and identifying a true orb picture is harder than ever.

Even though orbs are real, it is too tough to actual identify a true orb. Some believe that a true orb is one that gives off it’s own energy, and will show as a large extreme ball of light, not the usual dim version of the dust orbs we come to know.

Some also believe that real orbs will have off color, such as bright orange, or reddish in color. Some believe true orbs will show on pictures with tails or trails attached to them. Some have also have reported of seeing an orb with there own eyes and not with a picture, now this can’t be dust.

All of this leaves the question. How are any paranormal investigator ever going to prove that orbs are paranormal and orbs are real. This is a question I can’t wait to see the answer. I do expect with the current growth of technology, at some point investigators will have some type of photo equipment, aside from night vision camera’s, to give us the proof.

9 thoughts on “Ghost Caught on Camera

  1. Kareful says:

    Orbs themselves are not ghosts. orbs are simply balls of energy. you can catch them in your house, in any room, outside, anywhere. they aren’t paranormal. they are simply energy.

  2. rodney says:

    Thanks for the info about orbs. I am wanting to learn as much as possible about paranormal research. I am eager to learn and pass on knowledge.I have had a few expiriences with paranormal events and want to learn more about what could be causing them. Thanks again and any info you have that would help me on my quest would be greatly appreciated. Rod.

  3. dentist santa monica says:

    The way I see it with the ever changing news its hard to keep up to date on current facts. Most of these commenters arent taking into effect the change of the global economy and how much of a different it has on news technologies / medical growth / economic / political issues. But anyways nice read, defiantly enjoyed your post. Found your blog on google search engines btw… most people always wonder how people are finding them.

  4. yaritza says:

    i sooo belive in that jaja that has occured to me and my friend ricardo at a meuseum but he is starting to not belive in them (liar im ricardo i dont believe)

  5. Missynursern says:

    I got that proof taken on Nikon without flash inside. The orb moves around checking out our equipment. You see it pick up speed and change direction. We already photographed 3 full and multiple partial apps too. Can be viewed on A&E’s website. We never seen it until review. So not all Orbs are created equal.

  6. James says:

    I was and still a bit sceptical about orbes but not closed in opinions of others. My partner is able to hear and see those who have passed. She asked me to take a picture when on holiday and pointed directly where to take it and low and behold an orbe exactly in that spot coincidence? could be but she does it so many times with the same results it does make you think, paranormal is an interesting subject and a hobby we can carry on after death?

    regards James

  7. Paula says:

    I am going to be a ghost hunter with my friend courtney:)

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