Paranormal Movies

Stories of ghosts and their misdeeds have been around since the beginning of time. Of course, they make the perfect subject for horror movies. Here is a list of some of the scariest ghost movies of all time-tune up your HD TV and turn off the lights as you prepare to be scared.

The Shining: This is an iconic ghost/horror movie. Directed by the great Stanley Kubrick and starring Jack Nicholson, The Shining is a masterpiece of the horror genre. In the movie, a family heads for an isolated Colorado hotel in the middle of winter where Jack Nicholson’s character, a writer named Jack Torrance, is to finish a writing project while his wife takes care of the hotel. During their stay, his son Danny, sees visions of the hotel’s dark past using a telepathic gift dubbed ‘the shining’. Soon, the isolation gets to Jack and he goes mad. A ghost convinces the writer to ‘correct’ his family, and Jack sets off to kill his wife and child. Things go down hill from there; watch the remastered version of this film classic in HD.

Poltergeist: That clown, the little medium with the squeaky voice, the glowing TV-poltergeist was one of those horror movies you watched as a kid and were thoroughly terrified by. The movie, in a nutshell, is the story of a family living in California that discover that life isn’t so sweet in their suburban home. Who can forget the first time Carol Ann, the young, wide-eyed daughter makes contact with the evil spirits through the TV set, saying ‘they’re here’. That line never fails to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. This is a modern horror classic which you can often catch via satellite TV-just consult your listings.

The Haunting: Directed by Robert Wise, this 1963 is a classic ghost movie. The plot revolves around a group of experts investing a haunted house. Dr. Markway agrees to study Hill House in order to prove the existence of ghosts; he is accompanied by Luke a skeptic who also will inherit the house, Eleanor a psychic, and Theodora, a clairvoyant. It’s a simple story that doesn’t rely so much on any special effects or creatures to scare you, as much suggestion. There isn’t a single goes depicted in the film. The 1999 remake, on the other hand, does rely a great deal on computer graphics and special effects-this version is one to watch on your new flat screen HD TV; however, it doesn’t pack quite the punch as the original, according to film purists, classicists and anyone with sense of good taste; still, you could do worse.

The Amityville Horror: This movie was based on a true story. The occurrences that went on at the Amityville house were actually documented. After merely 28 days, the family left the house leaving all of their possessions. They never came back. This is an iconic haunted house movie that will leave your hairs standing on end. The creepy children’s chorus score, the disembodied voices yelling harshly , and the bleeding walls will definitely make you reach for a pillow to hug. This one usually plays on satellite TV close to Halloween.

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