New Gear: EVP Band 3

EVP recording just got easier and cooler.

EVP Recorder Wrist Band
EVP Recorder Wrist Band for ghost hunting

Remember the days of walking around on an investigation having to hold your EVP recorder, fumbling around with it and pressing pause every time you wanted to hear an EVP? If feels like just yesterday, right? It probably was yesterday, right?

Well, this whole process just got easier with features to help you keep quality recording and never miss a beat.

The new EVP Band 3 wrist recorder, made by GhostStop, is specially designed for investigations to provide quality audio. By strapping it on your wrist you remove the whole ‘fumbling noises’ thing that has a tendency of creating artifacts in our audio that can be confused with EVPs or mess up your recording in general. All you have to do is buckle in on, hit record and you don’t even have to think about it the rest of the night. Voila!

Another bonus is the ability to hear EVPs live, while they happen. That’s right! You never have to hit pause and potentially miss out on EVPs ever again. Honestly, we despise the idea of hitting pause during an investigaiton. While you’re paused, you could be missing something important. So, that’s fixed. All you do is plug in the included ear buds or your own favorite set of head phones and you will hear the audio as it’s recording live. So, if an EVP comes through, you will hear it and be able to respond accordingly right away – not 5 minutes later when the moment has passed.

Here are some other great benefits:

  • Full color, lighted digital display for easy navigation
  • Looks like a normal smart watch
  • Screen turns into a watch face visual when not navigation menus
  • High quality sound
  • 8GB storage (as of the writing of this article)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB port for transfer of files to your computer or teammate
  • Flash drive acts as a file storage for any type of file
  • Live listening capability with headphone/speaker port

For more info on the EVP Band 3 audio recorder, check out GhostStop

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