Ghost Hunting Events and Conventions

We all love a good ghost hunt and convention events are the coolest way to spend a whole weekend hanging with like-minded folks. Most conventions will have some kind of ghost hunt involved throught the event. Some of these have become a ‘family reunion’ of sorts for fellow investigators. Even if you’ve never investigated before these events are a great place to start, meet new friends, learn about the field, join a team or just have a blast.


Some of our favorite paranormal Conventions.

Paranormal Information Association (Florida):

Michigan Paranormal Convention:

Scare-A-Con (Massachusetts):

Mid-South Paranormal Convention (Kentucky):

ScareFest (Kentucky):

SalemCon (Massachusetts):

Other listings of paranormal conventions:

Ghost Hunt Events

Some of our favorite ghost hunt events that are more like investigations. They take you into a location for a real investigation.

Florida Ghost Tours and Investigations:

Ghost City Tours:

Ghost Hunt Weekends:

Strange Escapes:

Other listings of ghost hunt events:

It’s hard to keep this listing updated. But if you know of any other events, please feel free to COMMENT below and we’ll take a look for adding.

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